So I know this week"s challenge is what you would check out in the winter of Erised, but I to be going to adjust it increase a bit. I"m going to tell girlfriend what i think Severus Snape would see. Now, let"s get right into this! Disclaimer: this is only my opinion!




Now...what would he see?

In my opinion Snape could see a couple of things.

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#1.) Himself, however better

I personally don"t think Snape would watch this...but, I"ll talk around it anyway. Basically he would see something like James Potter. The would watch himself together a Quidditch Captain, Head Boy, really popular, good-looking, quite much every little thing Snape wanted to be. And I think he"d still desire to it is in in Slytherin though.

#2.) love parents

Let"s confront it, Snape had pretty crappy parents. Lock neglected him and constantly fought every other. His father would abuse both him and his mommy too. In the mirror he might have viewed them loving him, maybe having two magical possessing parents to be a pure-blood. Again, I"m not totally sure around this one, yet whatever.

#3.) His fixed mistakes

Maybe the would view himself however without all the mistakes he made. Like calling Lily a Mudblood, or becoming associated with the Dark Arts. Anything the messed up, it can be resolved in the mirror. Perhaps then he can still had actually the point he love most, Lily.

4.) Minister of Magic

Snape can have watched himself together Minster of Magic, and also not a teacher in ~ Hogwarts. He was very ambitious, so I can see this as a possibility. I understand being a teacher at hogwart wasn"t what he really wanted to execute in life. But I execute think he thought about more important points then simply professions.

5.) Lily Potter♡

This one is the one ns think he would see. Lily Potter (née Evans) to be the one he truly loved and also cared for. Currently he could see plenty of things about her. He maybe could"ve just seen her with him together children, that were innocent and young. Or possibly he witnessed her with him married and with children. Or it could"ve simply been her alive and happy, also if her pleasure was v James and her son, Harry.


What execute you think Severus Snape would have seen in the mirror of Erised? call me in the comment below! Till next time Potterheads!

I think you"re appropriate with almost every point you think Severus would see. I"m sure, the he would view Lily Potter and also himself better, however minister that magic? where did you get the idea? Please compose back, "cause i really am curious.

So i actually gained the idea indigenous a girlfriend online and decided to put it in here. I think because he was very ambitious, that would try and obtain a job really high up, like Minster of Magic. But he would just do the if Lily had survived, since when she died he provided up top top life, and worked out to be a teacher.

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Remember, this is just my opinion, and also you can entirely disagree through it.

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