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American : Spunky; laurel; crownArabic : BelovedAmerican : native Kay and also LeeAmerican : Bright; beautifulIrish, Scottish, English : Slender; goalkeeper of the keysArabic : LaurelHebrew : Regal woman

What walk Kaylee mean and stand for?

The surname Kaylee is a contemporary American surname and way "crown." the is a mix of the surname Kay and the popular suffix lee. Many think the surname is a combination of Kayla and Hailey.

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Syllables: 2


According to social Security administration data, Kaylee has been continuously popular, only recently falling indigenous the height 100, wherein it had been because 2000.

However, the is the 34th most famous name on

According come Google find data analysis, in the last 5 years Kaylee to be at its peak popularity in march 2018.

Kaylee is a combination of well-known names Kayla and also Hailey. Noteworthy namesakes include Kaylee Bryant and Kaylee DeFer.

Where is the Popular?

Kaylee was searched for most frequently in the following states:

Nicknames because that Kaylee

KayKay KayLee

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