Your Volkswagen offers its every for you. Give us a just few minutes to offer it the as soon as over. ~ above this page you discover out much more about maintenance, inspection intervals and also what is done.

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"Service is due?"

Depending ~ above the automobile equipment and also operating conditions, the inspection of your vehicle will either be a fixed or a versatile service. Whether you have actually an up!, Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan or an additional Volkswagen – every safety-relevant facets of your vehicle will be tested and serviced by workshop professionals. The auto diagnosis detects any defects in the automobile electronics. Inquire online around your inspection intervals and their scope.


When is that time because that the next service?

An inspection includes all maintenance work-related that is vital to store your car safe, both in terms of operational safety and also traffic safety. Discover out here exactly what is examined during the inspection, indigenous the electronics, engine and also gears, to the to run gear and also the vehicle body.

The sticker in the door column or the business interval display on her speedometer – where to discover your next organization appointment relies on one thing: Is it with or there is no an oil change?

Our original Services room specially designed for you and also your Volkswagen. Do the most of charline-picon.competent engineers and also the latest technological equipment. Find out for yourself!

For fresh, clean waiting in your Volkswagen

That means: Stress have the right to simply be breathed away. To ensure that your Volkswagen has plenty of fresh air and a pleasant temperature, we check and service your air conditioning system – coolant included.

Make a excellent impression

A dent in the metalwork? It wake up to all of us. Forget about tiny damages in the blink of an eye: as soon as we’ve repaired it, your vehicle body will certainly be flawless once again.

Peace that mind: Quick and also without one appointment

We inspect all the necessary parts of her Volkswagen: native the brakes charline-picon.come the engine.

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