The 6 symbolises the struggle between great and evil, harmony and also the human undertaking to rise over primal instincts. That is synonymous with the home, love, marriage and also domestic life, and the obligation that follows. The is connected with the facets of air and earth, and also in analogy with t… Full description

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The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and also the gift the clairvoyance. The is synonymous with a higher intelligence and also extremely elevated ideals at an abstract level. That is especially associated with the aspect of air, the authorize of Aquarius, eleventh authorize of the zodiac, a… Full description
The 22 incorporates all of the ramifications of the 11, yet it also enables their expression in the kind of tangible accomplishment. It symbolises creation and construction at the greatest level. The is synonymous with energy, power, strength, influence and also realization. It is essentially connected … Full description
castle live and breathe calm, tranquility and harmony. Conscientious and also conscious of your responsibilities, both professionally and also towards your family, these qualities bring them a particular amount that security and also mean that they are appreciated by others. They are pushed by the desire to it is in liked and also to make others happy. The karmic 6 could mean the they feel the load of their obligations and also restrictions, in certain towards your families. Many of the moment they are of conscientious nature, but an extremely rarely, lock may select the opposite direction, fleeing their responsibilities and also looking for someone else come take care of them. The number of exteriority 22 usually pushes them to shoot because that the stars and they regularly desire to create and build ~ above a big scale, v the assist of their vast capacity for work (especially if they were born ~ above the 22nd the the month or have actually a Life Path number of 22). If for some reason they space unable to accomplish this an excellent ambition, they will certainly live their resides on the vibration that the number 4, (which is easier and so much more reassuring), pass them characteristics such as stability, dependability, rationality, fidelity, monotony, reflection, sincerity, stubbornness and perfectionism... Together children, lock are normally as an excellent as gold - when they have actually chosen the path to maturity. The is a great idea to confer them vital responsibilities indigenous a an extremely young age, and also an awareness the the human being of work, also if, discovering them to more than sensitive and prone come anxiety, her instinct might be to defend them. If lock live top top the vibration of the number 22, they could be extravagant with numerous original ideas, creative and inventive minds - true pioneers... However, there is also a opportunity that this number is accompanied by a high level of worried tension.
They gain company, and are every for cooperation, charity, exchange and collaboration. The emotional sphere is crucial to them and they room actually big-softies! even though lock aren" an extremely demonstrative v their emotions, they have a profound expertise of the definition of friendship. Intuitive, imaginative and also impressionable, they are dreamers, and also from time to time they may display screen a specific nonchalance. Romantically, they look for a spirit mate and show us to it is in conciliatory, flexible, dependent, naive and impressionable in their an individual relationships.
They may be many alters in their lives, despite the fact that they seek stability. Castle are propelled by their ambition, yet this is not necessarily connected to the product realm. The following careers can appeal to them: an elderly management, federal government agent, mediator, humanist, counselor, politician, astrologer, director of global affairs ... The is, of course, if life enables them to live their understand Number 22. Otherwise: scientific professions or occupations related to the land, nature, animals (ecologist, miner, horticulturist, farmer, herbalist, engineer, physicist ...), creative professions, or in link with taste (food, cuisine...) or esthetics.

Note: 2 or more first names have the right to have the same definition - this is intended. Indeed, the names have the same numerology numbers. It" as with in astrology once two human being with the exact same sign re-superstructure the same characteristics!

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