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‘Indeed, we"ve come a long method from the ‘responsibility era’ that Junior has actually been hectoring us around for the last four years.’‘But the guy ongoing hectoring me to watch much more episodes for this reason that ns might come to be enlightened and also see the error of mine ways.’‘Fair enough - if listening come him hectoring us about scarce resources and carbon emissions is what the takes to conserve the earth then it"s a price worth paying.’‘Like a blustering, hectoring aunt at a family gathering, that won"t be missed by most.’‘I to be hectored by this stark materialist warning each time I begin typing other to article when supposedly in ~ work.’‘You can"t think how countless young civilization dressed up together thistles or Proust hectored you in the streets.’‘He avoids moralising and also hectoring his readers, going instead for solid uncomplicated identification through his leading character.’‘Far indigenous hectoring us about the greenhouse effect, the work evokes a type of polluted beauty beauty - or beauty in contamination - akin to see a rainbow in a swimming pool of oil.’‘One can do a fair little bit of damage energetically hectoring someone to speak them, but perhaps just as much damages by pretending lock don"t exist.’‘There"s also hope because that losers, 4 of whom hectored him come the suggest where the let them take part for $450 each, far below Ronnie"s cost.’‘I to be hectored for buying right into such ‘conspiracy theories.’’‘And for this reason she hectored him discovering how an overwhelming and balky he tended to be, particularly towards her.’‘Swett likewise hectored Smith for voting for a Senate pay raise ~ promising no to carry out so.’‘He never used essential names to get his method or hectored human being on your behalf.’‘In despite the of serious differences, nations should strategy their troubles with the simple temper of peace and also not in a threatening and hectoring mood.’‘Preston simply hectors boring people without speak anything an especially interesting.’‘In this situation, the solution to complete trains is reportedly to hector world not to get on; the solution to full platforms is to stop people getting down to the platform; the systems to crowded stations is come close the station.’‘But commandeering my computer for whole week in order come hector me into giving them more personal info is unconscionable.’‘These people type political groupings, accept positions in the federal government or candidacies in the parties - both conceded in order to seduce us - and also they hector united state to take component in elections.’


Late middle English native the Trojan warrior Hector. Originally denoting a hero, the feeling later became ‘braggart or bully’ (applied in the so late 17th century to a member that a gang of London youths), thus ‘talk come in a bullying way’.