If an EPC light suddenly goes on in her instrument cluster, you probably want to know what EPC method in a car. Need to you watch such a warning light, a ns of power and sluggish performance might accompany it, giving you a vast hint that something is wrong. And also typically, other is wrong, yet it can not be an engine problem. Instead, a variety of malfunctions or difficulties could cause the EPC warning light.

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What is EPC?

EPC was standing for electronic Power Control, a computerized ignition and engine monitoring system used in plenty of recent Volkswagen group vehicles.

In the U.S. Market, Volkswagen Group's most popular brands are Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen. Vehicles from every one of these brands are likely to have actually EPC. Initially designed to regulate ignition and throttle functions, EPC's function now includes oversight of a variety of electronic equipment like electronic stability control and cruise control.

In common operation, her vehicle's Electronic control Unit (ECU) is the "brain" of the car, enabling the engine, drivetrain, and other solution to run properly. The EPC functions in concert through the ECU to monitor functions, and also if something walk wrong, the EPC flicker a warning irradiate on the dash.

At the same time, relying on the malfunction, other warning lights favor the "check engine" irradiate might additionally illuminate. The cruise manage could revolve itself off, and the electronic stability manage might stop functioning together well.

To try to safeguard the engine from damage, the EPC can activate a "limp-home" mode. This will certainly severely curtail power and give friend the impression the the car is ~ above the verge the stalling. Often the engine will continue to operate, enabling you to with a technician because that diagnosis and also repairs.

What to Do when the EPC Light come On

An EPC warning light can be an indicator that a minor difficulty or of an extremely serious problems. Therefore, if the light come on, instantly seek a safe ar to have actually your car serviced by a experienced technician.

While you can continue to drive v the EPC warning light on, you operation the danger of doing significant damage to the engine. To aid prevent damage, the EPC’s limp-home mode could activate, making the vehicle sluggish together you seek help. Also if the auto seems to be operating normally, don't continue to drive any longer than is important with the EPC light illuminated. The car should be confirm by a knowledgeable technician as shortly as is possible.

An OBDII scanner is the best method to discover the resource of the EPC irradiate problem. Basically all organization shops have such scanners, and they space becoming more available and affordable for do-it-yourself use at home. The scanner will expose a trouble code, and technicians deserve to make appropriate repairs. As soon as the repair is made, the technician will erase the problem code and the warning light on the dashboard will certainly disappear.

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If you own an Audi, Porsche, or Volkswagen and the EPC light turns on, carry out not wait to visit a fix facility. The EPC light shows a problem, and also while it might be a minor one, it might also be a major one.