Like countless words, ‘embargoes’ has various connotations in Spain come what it does in the UK. For many British human being when friend talk around embargoes you photo a prohibition from one nation on another. Therefore what walk embargo mean?

It comes as something that a shock come some people with Spanish financial institution accounts to find that fairly than applying to nations, people here have the right to be embargoed too.

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The freeze of Spanish financial institution accounts and also the automatically withdrawal of funds from lock is something which we have actually received many inquiries around at Ábaco. Return every instance will it is in slightly various we have actually written this question and also answer article in order come cover few of the main worries that over there are once it pertains to chasing debts with embargoes.

What walk embargo mean?

An embargo happens once a debt stays unpaid. The government office or a court can order one embargo of your financial institution account in Spain which means that money deserve to be taken directly out the it there is no your direct permission. If there is inadequate money in the account to cover the debt then assets can also have an embargo against them.

Who is able to arrange an embargo?

An embargo can only be authorised by a judicial government or administration. It originates from either a court stimulate or native a federal government public management office in Spain, such as the taxes office. It can not be stop by one individual versus any other unless the demand has passed v the courts and also the courts have agreed come an embargo.

Many embargoes are as a an outcome of tax defaults, for instance in relationship to no payment the IBI (council tax), non-resident and resident revenue tax. A bank can order an embargo because that missed mortgage payment or if you have actually defaulted top top a loan.

How can you be notified that one embargo will take place?

The reason of one embargo is constantly a debt. If girlfriend owe who money and also it has been i agreeed by the court or girlfriend owe impressive taxes or payments to a federal government department such together the taxation authority climate they will have currently notified you the you fan them money. The tax authority go not must go through the court to use an embargo in Spain.

Following notification, if girlfriend still haven’t payment the debt, then an embargo could be arranged however you should be informed of this too. Sometimes civilization miss their notifications due to the fact that they room non-residents and also no-one is there to sign for or receive the notification when it come at the house. This is one reason why it is advantageous to have fiscal depiction in Spain if you are a non-resident.

Further an alert might be made in the BOE. This is the Boletín main del Estado  However, the is extremely unlikely that you will check out this together it alters daily and also is virtually difficult to check on a regular basis. We recommend non-resident clients to asking a neighbour to check their letterbox for notice of undelivered items requiring a signature. That course, having a budget representative can help ensure no unwanted notifications are obtained too.

How will certainly you understand there is one embargo?

The authority that is call in the debt will let you understand that a debt demands to be payment first. Castle will educate you the if the debt continues to be unpaid climate an embargo might be made. As pointed out above, the notifications space usually sent to her Spanish address which is as soon as the problems can occur.

If you have a budget representative in Spain that takes care of her taxes because that you then you should not fan the tax Authority any type of money in the very first place. However, if because that some reason it was uncovered that taxation was quiet outstanding, her representative would receive the an alert enabling castle to discover out what the problem is and rectify it before an embargo bring away place.

You deserve to ask your bank to keep you notified in case there is an embargo but this is likely to it is in after the event. If you recognize there is the possibility of one embargo and/or that a bill continues to be unpaid you could ask the issuing authority to allow you understand if one is about to take it place.

What measures should friend take as soon as you understand there is an embargo on her account?

Your very first step is come contact her bank and also ask them which authority has decreed the embargo. Having actually this information, you will then need to contact the source that the embargo directly to check the full amount the you owe and also must pay to clear up the debt.

There should likewise be a reference number ~ above the embargo itself which will provide an point out of which room is responsible.

Once girlfriend know just how much you owe you deserve to either pay the debt directly to have the embargo removed or keep the embargo till the full amount is withdrawn from your account.

What preventative measures deserve to you require to make certain this doesn’t occur to you?

The many important activity you deserve to take is come keep her accounts in order. Numerous embargoes room the result of taxes payment errors and debts. Having a fiscal representative can help ensure the taxes are paid ~ above time and you have actually no debts through the Spanish taxes Authority.

Make sure that you store up your payments with other organizations and departments too. Loans and mortgage payments can be another resource of embargoes and also must be kept up to and also paid top top time. Over there is little flexibility in the system, therefore don’t expect your bank or mortgage issuer to execute the chasing. If you don’t pay, an embargo can well be the following step.

If you room having troubles making a payment then perform try draw close the pertinent department, authority or bank. The in everyone’s attention to find a solution and the problem is more difficult to rectify afterwards. That not easy approaching your mortgage lender, for example, yet once the conversation is in progress you will at least recognize what to expect.

If her salary/pension is paid into the bank account space you tho able to accessibility some money to live on?

Yes. The embargo just freezes the quantity owed and also other funds have to be obtainable to you. A specified living quantity is additionally protected from the embargo in Spain. Only an amount exceeding the minimum wage created by the government can it is in embargoed.

This method that currently around € 707,70 (2017) have to still be free for you to use. Anything over this, however, would go in the direction of payment of the debt until the complete embargo lot is met. Your energy bill payments should likewise still it is in honoured if there is an ext in your account than the embargoed amount.

In some instances an embargo could be bespeak on assets rather such together a auto or property.

Can you reach an agreement by which you salary in instalments?

Payment in installments deserve to only it is in agreed prior to the embargo is settled. This is another an excellent reason for making sure you open up up a dialogue through the government you fan money to. Prior to the embargo friend can technique them and also negotiate a means of paying off the debt in smaller chunks.

If the embargo is currently ordered and also your account is frozen, you can only agree the payment in installments where part of the debt has actually not yet been embargoed.

Can you appeal?

When friend are notified of the embargo you will have actually a home window in which to appeal. This is an additional reason why that is so necessary to have actually some species in location to get mail or a representative to get it because that you.

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Can you apply to embargo someone else’s financial institution account as an individual who is owed money?

Yes, but only through the justice process. Girlfriend will require to lug a lawsuit against the debtor to court and ask for an embargo together a preventative measure up in instance of no payment the the debt. The court will then decide whether to decree this or not.

Is that just financial institution accounts that space embargoed or have the right to property be embargoed too?

Properties and also other assets deserve to be embargoed as well. Over there is an order of assets that is established by law:

money and also bank accountscredits and also rights that can be used to in the short term e.g. Shares, deposits and also other financial productsjewellery and artinterest and also other develops of incomemovable heritage e.g. Car, watercraft or noþeles that have the right to be soldshares in companiespropertysalaries, pensions and also income native workcredits and also rights that have the right to be applied to in the lengthy term