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Donald Zinkoff

This character"s main trait in his personality is his kindness, which also could be described as his capacity to love.

Mr. Zinkoff

This character is a mailman and a great family man.

The oh Mailman Lady

This character is one old mrs who lives on willow Street, and also uses a walker.

The wait Man

This character shows up only behind the home window of his residence throughout the book.

Mrs. Zinkoff

This character is a supportive mommy of a disabled young boy.

Polly Zinkoff

This personality is a baby throughout lot of the book and her role is minimal to acting as an alarm system.

Andrew Orwell

This personality is a spoiled and selfish boy who states his father is simply waiting to gain them the end of the neighborhood.

Hector Binns

This personality is obsessed v collecting his earwax to do a candle.

Mr. Yalowitz

This personality is...

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