Why execute you require to understand what a trap primer is…or for that matter, what a catch is? since homes, pipes systems, electric systems, and even the ground deserve to do weird things. Such as emitting a rotten odor friend can’t ignore.

When the happens, it’s rather possibly because of sewer gas coming right into your house from her floor drain. To keep that gas out, your drainpipe requires a trap, and also that trap needs a catch primer.

What go A pipes Trap look at Like?

Let’s talk about the trap first. A pipes trap looks choose a U-shaped pipe. This U-shaped pipe also looks choose the letter p on its side. That’s why plumbers contact it a ns Trap. It deserve to be made the end of steel or PVC (a artificial plastic polymer which has a white-plastic look). Take a look under your kitchen sink or toilet sink to watch one for yourself.

As you have the right to see, a ns trap is simple. It’s simply a U- or sideways P-shaped pipe that keeps water flowing out while maintaining sewer gas native floating in. And yes, over there are other shapes that achieve the very same thing.

How walk a pipes Trap Work?

All plumbing fixtures in a home have floor drains. The floor drains enable water to circulation from your house and also into a city’s sewage system or storm drains. This keeps her floors dry and also safe indigenous water damage.

In turn, each plumbing fixture — indigenous kitchen sinks to toilets to showers to water heaters and an ext — is required to have a pipes trap. The traps avoid smelly sewer gases from coming up indigenous the floor drain and also into her home. However, in order because that these pipes traps to work-related — by “trapping the end the sewer gas emissions” — water requirements to drain into castle to develop a liquid seal.

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Put another way, here’s what’s happening. Water is trapped in ~ the bottom that the U-shaped p Trap. This trapped water creates a seal in her pipe, i m sorry prevents any type of sewer gas from coming up through the drain and also into her home. Sewer gas can’t get past the seal the water in ~ the bottom the the U-shaped trap. It’s a an easy but excellent solution.

In this diagram, you have the right to see just how water in the plumbing trap prevents sewer gases from getting through (back into the home) by developing a fluid or water seal.

What Is A trap Primer and Why perform We need It?

Just favor the trap, a trap primer is reasonably simple come understand. It’s a an equipment that add to water to your pipes trap. That’s it. And also here’s why you need it.

If liquid doesn’t go under your drain often enough, the liquid seal – the water in ~ the bottom that the U-shaped trap — will at some point evaporate. With the seal gone, sewage system gas is currently able to acquire through the drainpipe pipe and into your home. That’s a major problem, and can result in a plumbing emergency (or also a health emergency; scroll under for more on that).

A catch primer (or trap primer valve) is a good idea for all of your pipes fixtures. But don’t hesitate installing them on any plumbing fixtures the aren’t being supplied regularly. This might be an extra bathroom sink, shower and toilet; or maybe in a vacation home you just visit once or twice a year.

Watch this video clip for a quick explanation that a trap and trap primer. The inside wall in this image is come the left. The trap is on the right.

Different varieties of catch Primers

Most simple method. Used most often with a floor drain trap is a quick link from a sink that’s carefully located. Once the sink is used, few of the water goes come the trap. Most usual method. The inside wall connects come a safe and clean water supply. As soon as pressure every square customs (PSI) is sensed — such together from a nearby toilet or sink — it adds some of that water circulation to the trap.Other methods. part trap primers job-related on timers (based top top your setups for once a house is unoccupied). While others develop plumbing devices (like a laundry faucet) has has a integrated trap primer. And there are other species as well.

Is sewer Gas Harmful?

Sewer gas is not normally harmful in smaller sized doses. Yet sewer gas deserve to be harmful over time, with prolonged, heavier doses, if the problem isn’t resolved. The major gas in sewage system gas is hydrogen sulfide. Research studies have presented that large amounts space toxic to our oxygen systems, through the potential to damage organs and, in rarer circumstances, even reason death.

If you notification that there is an unpleasant odor coming from locations of your house where there space floor drains, you may want to check to make certain you don’t have actually a dried trap and do have a functioning trap primer.

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