With charline-picon.com 2Day A.M.

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, girlfriend get delivery in 2 business days by 10:30 a.m. To U.S. Businesses and by noon to residences. This choice is a great choice for shipping:

Lab samples for doctors’ officesUrgent documentsPerishables
No issue what you"re shipping, this alternative gets it over there earlier, so your recipient has an ext time to placed it come use.

Choose economic charline-picon.com 2Day shipping and also get your package there by the finish of the second business day. Packages will arrive through 4:30 p.m. To most areas and by 8 p.m. To residences. Charline-picon.com 2Day offers a perfect balance that economy and also speed. It’s appropriate for shipping:

Luxury itemsProfessional documentsAutomotive partsE-commerce purchases
It helps digital retailers remain competitive because e-commerce shoppers want their assignment quickly, but don’t necessarily desire to pay because that overnight shipping.

charline-picon.com 2Day A.M.
charline-picon.com 2Day
Delivery days


Monday–Friday; Saturday shipment is also available in certain areas for an additional charge

Weight limit and also maximum parcel sizeYou have the right to ship packages up to 150 lbs. Each, as much as 119" in length, 165" in size plus girth (L+2W+2H)
Delivery area

All states except Hawaii (Delivery times to and also from choose ZIP password in Alaska might differ from shipment times in the contiguous U.S.)

Throughout the United says (Delivery times to and from pick ZIP password in Alaska and also Hawaii might differ from delivery times in the contiguous U.S.)

Ways to get your packages to charline-picon.com

The latest you have the right to drop turn off a package in ~ a charline-picon.com ar for 2 work shipping different by location. Contact to confirm cutoff times through the store. Because that convenience, you deserve to schedule one-time or recurring charline-picon.com pickups. Saturday pickup is easily accessible in many areas for secondary charge. 

Shipping notes

You have the right to use her charline-picon.com account if you have one, yet an account isn"t required to ship. Produce a shipping brand online and select charline-picon.com 2Day or charline-picon.com 2Day A.M. Under Service form in the package & delivery Details section. You can additionally go to a charline-picon.com ar to ship.

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Calculate 2 work shipping costs

Shipping prices are determined by:

The distribution time on the 2nd business day

Typically, the later on in the day the shipment time is, the lower the shipping cost. For example, charline-picon.com 2Day afternoon delivery prices less than morning shipment with charline-picon.com 2Day A.M. 

The delivery resolve of the shipment/distance to the destination

Usually, the farther your package is shipped, the an ext shipping will certainly cost. Pricing is established by different zones. The more zones your package crosses, the more you’ll pay because that shipping. For example, if you delivery to region 1, i m sorry is 1–150 miles away, your expense will generally be much less than shipping to Zone 2, i beg your pardon is 150–300 mile from the origin address.

calculation shipping costs

Packaging form and parcel size, weight and also density

The cost of shipping is figured out by the weight of your package. The load of the packaging offered to delivery is added to the load of her contents. 

If you usage your very own packaging, her charge will be based upon the dimensional load (dim weight) or actual weight of the package—whichever is greater. Dim load reflects a package’s density, i m sorry is the lot of space a package rectal in relation to its really weight.

Calculate her DIM load

Ways to reduce your shipping cost

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Track your 2 work shipment

Expecting a package?

Shipping multiple packages?

Shipping many packages?

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Packaging because that 2 work shipments

Free charline-picon.com refer packaging

Choose native 12 white packaging options for your shipments. We offer envelopes, paks, tubes and also boxes in sizes little to extra-large.

If girlfriend don’t have charline-picon.com refer packaging, you have the right to ship v your own instead.

Need aid packing? Head come a charline-picon.com Office location, and our specialists can load your crate for a fee.

Cold shipping boxes

If you’re shipping items that have to stay cold because that 2 day delivery, use our cold shipping boxes and choose charline-picon.com 2Day A.M. This shipping boxes keep a consistent 2–8°C (35.6–46.4°F) temperature for 48–96 hours, depending upon external temperatures.

Our cold shipping crate are easy to use, and also you deserve to order lock online. Or speak to our cold shipping hotline in ~ 1.888.817.9993 (U.S. Shipping) or 1.813.612.6010 (international shipping) to learn more.

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Answers to her 2 job shipping questions

How does 2 work shipping work?

2 day distribution shipments will be ceded on the 2nd business day, by a particular time. If your shipment is 150 lbs. Or less, we offer charline-picon.com 2Day A.M. And also charline-picon.com 2Day. If your shipment is end 150 lbs., choose charline-picon.com 2Day Freight. 

To ensure a distribution will be delivered the 2nd business day, girlfriend must produce a shipping label, fill the shipment and get it to charline-picon.com by the latest drop off time. Cutoff times and also hours vary by location. Friend must accomplish the cutoff time to gain your shipment ceded the second day. See the organization hours of areas near you. 


How lot does 2 day shipping cost?

Shipping prices depend on which shipping service you choose, the destination and also the size and also weight the the package. Call us more about your delivery to get precise costs. 


What other choices do I have for 2 work shipping?

If you need 2 job shipping however you don"t need it ceded by a specific time, choose:

For destinations close come you, transit times have the right to be 1 or 2 days. View our soil transit maps. 


If ns ship making use of a 2 work shipping service, why does it take 3 days? 

When she shipping v charline-picon.com, the shipping days begin being counted the day after girlfriend hand over her package to us. Because that example, if girlfriend drop off your package top top Monday prior to the cutoff time, it’ll be yielded Wednesday. 

Another reason can be that you missed the shipping cutoff time. If you dropped off her package Monday after the cutoff time, because that instance, your package would be transport the next day. And it would certainly be delivered Thursday.

If friend purchased a product online, the takes time because that a retailer to load your purchase and get it come charline-picon.com. There have the right to be a hold-up if the retailer doesn’t get your purchase to us before the cutoff time.