The Jelly junior High school shade is make by mixing red paint with yellow

TopTest, power Plus Gasoline?

paint. The ratio of red to yellow is 3 to 5. How much red paint need to be mixed with 20 oz of yellow?


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The Lawn bespeak lawnmower factory can create 12 lawnmowers in 8

Solve each problem and also find her answer in the rectangle below. Cross out package that conta,ins your answer. Once you finish, compose the letters from the staying boxes in the spaces in ~ the bottom the the page.

hours. How numerous hours will certainly it take it the manufacturing facility to develop 30 lawnmowers?


an object that weighs 10 lb on earth would weigh just 4 lb on Mars. If you weigh 95 lb top top Earth, exactly how much would you sweet on Mars? Ib

The proportion of orange juice to pineapple juice in tropic Treat punch is 4 to 3. Bill has 64 oz that orange juice. Exactly how much pineapple juice does he need?


Jose can read 7 pages the his book in 5 minutes. At this rate, exactly how long will certainly it take it him to check out the whole 175-page book? min

while exercising, Julie discovered that her heart was beating 12 times every 5 seconds. How countless times was it beating every minute (60 seconds)?

If there are 1,200 calorie in 8 oz of warm fudge, how plenty of calories space in 3 oz of hot fudge? cal

at a specific college, the proportion of guys to ladies is 6 to 5. If there space 1,500 men, how countless women space there?

among the world"s biggest stained- glass windows is in ~ Kennedy international Airport in brand-new York. The is a rectangle with a elevation to length ratio the 2 come 25. If the home window is 24 feet high, how long is it? ft

needed to make 90 cookies? cup

MIDDLE college IVIA"TH with PIZZAZZ! book E topic 1 -d: difficulty Solving: using Proportions E-10 O an innovative Publications

Did girlfriend Hear About.. .

Use a calculator to do each exercise. Uncover your price and notice the word alongside it. Compose this native in the box containing the letter the the exercise.

I. Solve. Round every answer come the nearest tenth.

II. Solve. Round each answer come the nearest whole.number.

Tom"s red bicycle travels 50 ft for every 3 pedal turns. How plenty of pedal turns are necessary to travel a mile (5,280 ft)?

because that a survey, a firm decided to call 7 the end of every 5,000 people. Just how many civilization should be called in a city of 78,000 people?

Gloria Trench confirm her gas mileage and also found that she had actually used 16.6 gal that gas to take trip 372 mi. At this rate, how numerous gallons will she use to take trip from san Francisco to Washington, D.C., a street of 2,850 mi?

A U.S. Nickel includes 3.9 g the copper and 1.2 g that nickel. How many kilograms the copper should be an unified with 500 kg that nickel to do nickel coins?

~ above the stock exchange, 100 shares of Pizzazz Corp. Stock are offering for $425. How many shares can be purchased because that $1 ,OOO?

at Paul Bun yon"s logging camp, the chef scrambled 20 eggs for every 3 loggers. How countless eggs walk he require for the 288 loggers in ~ the camp?

24.7 pieces

21.8 story


197.5 dropped

19.6 that

1,625 have the right to

6.7 THE

116 crate

20.4 who

127 trash

1,355 pile

317 into

235 and

3.8 TEN


109 A

324 from

1,920 live

211.5 wrote

MIDDLE school MATH v PIZZAZZ! publication E O an imaginative Publications E-1 1 subject 1 -e: using a Calculator: fixing Proportions



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