I reme,ber the an initial time I had a torch in mine hands. I turned ~ above the gas, struck some sparks and also a tiny blue fire slickered into life. Magic. However how did that happen. What was coming native those tanks. And what did these colors mean? They came in a variety of colors, and I did not recognize if the was simply for decoration or if there was some factor for those particular blacks, reds, and also greens.

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After doing some research, I found that the colour of the hoses once welding were actually an extremely important. It to be not simply for decoration. Learning which hoses contained certain gases was critically essential to act the job right, and also it could even be a matter of an individual safety. Each type of welding needs special gas. In the US, hoses for acetylene, propane and other gases offered as fuel have to be red, and also oxygen need to be green. In addition to the different colors, the red fuel hoses have actually a left-hand thread, and the eco-friendly oxygen hoses have a right-hand thread. Inert gases, i m sorry are used for “shielding” in some types of welding, room black. The is an extremely important come remember that these colors can vary in different countries.

This post mainly deals with the shade scheme for welding gases in the US.

Hoses for welding gases numerous times come in pairs for fuel and oxygen. However, just since the outside of the hoses may be attached as a pair to help keep your job-related area organized, they space still different hoses. This keeps the different gases indigenous mixing. It is always very important the the proper gas goes into the suitable hose. Again, that is red because that the fuel in the US and green for the oxygen. The hose because that the inert gas is in black. 


The simplest form of arc welding is usually dubbed Shielded steel Arc Welding or SMAW. That is likewise frequently described as ‘Stick” welding. The welding stick offers electric current to develop an electrical arc in between the stick and the steels to it is in joined. In SMAW welding the electrode is covered with inert products that vaporize from the heat.

The shielding gases provided for Shielded metal Arc Welding are created as the electrode melts. We incorporate it here for completeness but you won’t should worry around gas lines because that SMAW.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding or GMAW (Gas steel Arc Welding)

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) sometimes well-known as GMAW (Gas steel Arc) provides an center fed wire shielded through gas the is consumed by the warmth it creates. MIG welding is taken into consideration to be among the simpler forms the arc welding come learn and the tools is usually less expensive than the other species of arc welding(stick welding reigns can be fried for cheapness). This are countless reasons why it is most often wanted by everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Ease of use to high quality of resultVery gental discovering curveRelatively cheap hardware

100% argon,is usually connected in some means for shielding. In part cases, miscellaneous combinations that may include the inert gases that argon or helium, with energetic gases of carbon dioxide, magnesium or titanium that deserve to be used for shielding. Prefer all other shielding gases, they will certainly be in the black hoses. Your selection of shielding gases is determined by the form of steel being welded.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)

“Gauges and also Valves” (CC by 2.0) by kevingessner

As the surname implies, a press regulator is draft to manage the push of gases, many importantly those offered in oxyfuel welding. One instance of the absolute need is the reality that the push of acetylene gas in the tank is typically more than seven time as great as that in the torch. You execute the math and also figure out how much risk you might be in there is no a an excellent pressure regulator.

The an initial way to identify what type of regulator is to recognize whether it is because that flammable or non-flammable gas. The screw threads on the valves of flammable gas regulators like acetylene or propane should have left-hand threads. One the various other hand, (pun intended) the regulators because that non-flammable gases choose argon of carbon dioxide have right hand threads.

However, simply determining whether her regulator is because that flammable or non-flammable gas is not enough. There are numerous different varieties of push regulators, designed for various gases. That is an extremely important come be using the exactly regulator. Because that example, when acetylene and also propane gases room both fuel, propane gas will certainly corrode the internal materials of an acetylene regulator, almost certainly leading to leakage and also failure.

One rapid Note around Flashback Arrestors

A recall arrestor, likewise known as flash arrestor, could become one the the most vital pieces of devices in her welding kit. An especially when you are using an oxy-fuel welder. The flashback arrestor, i beg your pardon is set up near the pressure regulator, is a safety device that is designed to prevent a recall or reverse circulation of gas. If a flame would get into a pressurized oxygen tank, your welding career may be short and unpleasant. In ~ the an extremely least, one explosion can seriously damage or ruin your equipment.

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Always check with your local welding shop if you room confused. They should be able to test her equipment and get you all sorted out.