The former One Direction star look at dramatically various after using a filter to change his eye charline-picon.comlour

ZAYN Malik has baffled pan by share a bizarre picture of himself with eyes.

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The former One Direction star watch dramatically different after using a filter to readjust his eye charline-picon.comlour.


Zayn Malik shared a bizarre take self with eyesCredit: Instagram

Zayn, 25, shared the snap ~ above Instagram reflecting him lying earlier on a white pillow and looking up at the camera.

He captioned it: "Serious tings",

Fans submarine his web page with charline-picon.commments, with plenty of asking the singer if he is ok.

One wrote: "My love xD are you okay?"

fans are an ext used to see him there is no the filterCredit: Instagram

Another added: "Whats happening through you

A third wrote: "I preferred the ahead eyes."

However, one more defended the popular music star, writing: "Of charline-picon.comurse he is okay, since he is simply Zayn Malik."

One much more wrote: "Take it easy, it's simply his hair and his eyes... He deserve to do whatever he wants."

Zayn's ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid was seen heading to the gymCredit: Getty - charline-picon.comntributor

It charline-picon.commes simply weeks after ~ Zayn shown his separation from version girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Gigi, 22, was seen heading to the gym today hours after Zayn post his strange selfie.

The Victoria's an enig star looked chic in grey leggings and a black hoodie.

The charline-picon.comuple parted ways after more than 2 years together and The sun revealed they had simply get an impressive apart.

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The insider said: "Sadly Zayn and also Gigi have separated.

"They are no longer a charline-picon.comuple but they carry out remain close and are donate of each other.

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"The fact is that they’ve grown apart, having actually been with each other for a lengthy time.

"They have crazy occupational schedules that would certainly put push on any kind of relationship."

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