Enjoy the latest and also greatest Pay-Per-View events including boxing matches, WWE Championships, and also exclusive music and also comedy performances. With PPV, you’ve obtained front-row accessibility to the best entertainment and also programming ideal from your living room.

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AEW full Gear

All elite Wrestling is comes to Minneapolis because that AEW full Gear on November 13th special Bryan Danielson, centimeter Punk, Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Kenny Omega faces off versus Adam Page and The Lucha Brothers take it on FTR ~ above Saturday, November 13th Live ~ above Pay per View. FiOS customers can order currently for $49.99 plus taxes and fees.

EVENT: Wrestling: AEW full GearDATE: November 13, 2021TIME: 8 pm ETLOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

Here’s just how to Order: FiOS TV customers can now stimulate the live PPV occasion for $49.99 add to taxes and fees in the complying with ways:

Channels 1000 or 1001

from The key TV food selection in the pay Per watch Upcoming Special events folder

using Your Fios TV One Remote, to speak “Launch Pay-Per-View”

How to order Pay-Per-View with your remote.


Fios TV far or large Button Remote press the Menu button.

Fios TV One Voice far Press and also hold the Microphone button and also say “Launch Pay-Per-View.”


Go come the PPV Folder and also select Upcoming distinct Events.


Choose your occasion in HD or SD.


Never miss a fight. Browse and search the full schedule of live, upcoming and recorded events and fights.

Questions are great. Answers space better.

What is Pay-Per-View?

Pay-Per-View (or PPV) is a organization through which a subscriber have the right to purchase accessibility to a specific television event. Typically, the service is offered to distribution live sporting occasions such as boxing and also WWE (professional wrestling).

PPV on the charline-picon.com Fios network allows access to a wide variety of content on her Fios TV. Please note that facilities are not allowed to show Pay-Per-View occasions unless they have actually a company TV package.

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How walk Pay-Per-View work and also can ns buy that in advance?

There space several ways to bespeak Pay-Per-View events on charline-picon.com Fios:

stimulate in breakthrough online in ~ charline-picon.com/ppv. on the work of the event, order on channel 1000 or 1001HD. stimulate in advance through her On demand Menu by: pushing the “Menu” button on your remote. Going to the PPV Folder. picking “Upcoming distinct Events”. picking the PPV event you want to purchase in HD or SD. bespeak in advancement through your facebook Messenger bot.

Can you clock Pay-Per-View online?

friend cannot watch Pay-Per-View online, however you have the right to watch castle on her Fios TV once you order through charline-picon.com Fios.

Where deserve to I uncover a schedule that Pay-Per-View events?

you can discover the Pay-Per-View events schedule number of places:

in ~ charline-picon.com/ppv. on channel 1000 or 1001 HD. In the PPV folder under “Upcoming unique Events” in her On need menu.