The Nightmare before Christmas is a stop-motion horror-comedy(?) movie native the early on nineties conceived by Tim Burton yet not starring Johnny Depp. The movie, aimed in ~ kids however hoping to appeal to adults, follows Jack Skellington, the king that Halloween, as he tires that his holiday, tries come co-opt Christmas, and also learns a an important lesson. The trailer is below if girlfriend haven"t watched the movie before, and also our evaluation is below.

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Jake: The Nightmare prior to Christmas. Or, ns guess ns should call it Tim Burton’s The Nightmare prior to Christmas, together that’s what it claimed on the movie cover and poster and bullshit t-shirts all the weird girl in high college wore, nahmean? This is a 1993 animated family/fantasy/holiday/horror??? movie. Maybe? just what in the shit is this thing?

Jack: very first of all . . . Yes. Oddly, i know precisely what you mean. And also I wanted to carry this up:It was her week to pick the flick (can’t phone call if the sounds dirty or venomous . . . Or both (ladies)), and also you picked a decidedly non-horror movie. So, to placed in the initial Shakespearean English: the fuck up wit’ ‘dat?

Jake: Okay, fine, so this is by almost no method a fear movie. However, that does no preclude that from containing aspects of the genre. Just what specifically qualifies as fear is a challenging task, and also is something finest left for another discussion at one more time. Basically, this movie is being contained in our blog for two reasons, because here’s why: reason 1 - it is important. I probably owe an ext credit than I give to this film because that being an influential piece the my introduction to the horror genre. A lot of its personalities are classic. Werewolves, vampires, skeletons and ghosts. Girlfriend know. Fear stuff. This movie wraps all that up in a way that is easily accessible for kids, and I remember being fascinated by it once I first saw it as a child. Rapid forward 20 to add years and here ns am. Reason 2 - it’s virtually Christmas and also this is a fear blog and also it provides sense. You understand what? posesthe you, i don’t also need a second reason.


Jack: you actually safeguarded that much better than ns expected. Damn, most of mine notes now are means to make funny of you because that failing to protect your choice well rather than, you know, actual content. And you’re definitely right. The inarguable the this movie i will not ~ exist there is no the horror genre, and also it walk incorporate countless of horror’s beats. Plus, once I was kid, ns was legitimately scared by some of the ingredient in the movie: a pair of those under-the-bed-type monsters in the opening number (I understand all the lingo) were actually creepy, and Boogey’s death was downright gruesome.

Jake: Regardless, the most vital thing, and one ns think we have the right to agree on, is that this movie deserves praise for being component of the Burton catalogue i beg your pardon omits Johnny Depp indigenous its actors list. Hallelujah.

Jack: friend speak the truth. Nothing against Johnny Depp, but fuck it’s almost oppressive at this point. If we’re on casting, have the right to I carry something up?


Jake: *Sighs* If girlfriend must.

Jack: Paul Reubens.

Jake: Just, in general? together an artist? together a pervert? Where are you going through this?

Jack: Paul Reubens together a personality in this movie. Especially what a small character he played in this movie. Paul Ruebens dram Stock, one the three creepy children who kidnaps Sandy Claws. The character has what, eight words total? plus this is top top the heels that Burton liking working through Reubens so lot on Pee-Wee’s big adventure the he actors him as the reasonably-named Tucker Cobblepot in 1992’s Batman Batmans more tough This Time or whatever the posesthe Batman walk in the one. What taken place that Burton wanted to offer Reubens a role, however not a duty that to be on screen for any reasonable lot of time?

Jake: i don’t know, but are friend claiming the Tucker Cobblepot was anything much more than a cameo? due to the fact that no, friend aren’t. We’ve currently talked around how Tim Burton gets turn off on placing the civilization he likes in his movie regardless the literally any kind of other consideration, this was probably simply a stepping rock on the road to that. I understand that Paul Reubens is frequently foremost in her mind, but probably the many notable aspect of this movie is its absolutely stunning aesthetic. Damn, is it pretty. City hall a movie 22 year after its release, one expects at least a cobweb or two yet goddamn, the stop-motion technique to this movie was and also is amazing. Also notable, the point is a musical. I always forget that. Then ns watch it and immediately remember due to the fact that the entirety thing is a string of songs, and also I am non-plussed. Then every one of a sudden, that an hour and also a half later and also I just watched The Nightmare before Christmas again and also don’t know what the hell happened.


Jack: If you want to use an elaborate words, you’ve obtained to at the very least actually usage the word. Nonplussed. One word. Tell her friends. However the movie is gorgeous. The stop-motion is consistently great, however there is quiet CGI offered a same amount. What struck me appropriate away to be how great the computer animation looked interposed with the stop-motion. For instance the ghosts in ~ the start of the movie, floating roughly all cartoon-y. They look favor they belonging somehow, and also it means the use of the technology, while clearly outdated, stop up and still looks nice seamless.

Jake: Why is the technology outdated? and love exactly how you shit on mine hyphenation and also then automatically use the yourself. Ns feel prefer we either create a hyphenate in ~ will form situation, or that “cartoony”. As for the story, it’s in reality pretty clever. As the audience, we obtain to check out what happens once holidays cross-contaminate. In this case, us follow Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween. He has grown restless with his own holiday and is looking for something to break the monotony the Halloween. He stumbles into and becomes obsessed with the principle of Christmas, but when he climate tries to describe it to his horrifying haloween-y friends, they simply don’t understand. To obtain his point across he tries come take over the holiday. Calamity ensues. It’s basically the ide of “do one thing and do it better than everyone else” wrapped up in a stop-motion musical about magical vacation beings connected to other magical vacation beings via a mystical forest. I’m really not right here to talk around the plot… help.

Jack: No buddy. You opened the door. And now right here we go. I have actually so many issues with the plot that this movie. Sure, the in its entirety plot is good and clever, and well-executed. However it left me with so numerous questions.

Jake: This is a kids’ movie, so stop foaming in ~ the mouth. Not just that, it’s a stop-motion farce collection in a literal meaning fantasy-world. So ns don’t desire to hear it.

Jack: This train’s currently left the station, so put sixty seconds on the clock and also let me fire off a rapid rant.

Jake:Fine. Sixty seconds. On the clock. Which procedures written language apparently.


Jack: *Deep breath* just how does the power structure in Halloweentown work? The chosen mayor (subtle society commentary over there by the means “I’m elected, ns can’t actually make decisions”) answers to a king who still has to follow the mayor’s order sometimes? Next, just how the hell did he get back out the Christmastown? as soon as he went with that door he didn’t come the end a door in Christmastown, just dropped into the cursed snow. Whereby was the portal ago to Halloweentown? Next, it is no at all clear what Jack knows or does not know around Christmas: he appears to understand it well sufficient to understand the feelings that intends come impart and to know why the monsters need to be lying to due to the fact that they can’t understand it, however then as soon as he’s in the lab, he appears to only intellectually understand the legacies without gift able to recognize why those traditions impart details feelings. Next, why does Sally hide innocuous fog juice in the most mystery compartment because every Mighty Max, however chooses to put the literal meaning poison just in the medicine cabinet?

Jake: Jesus. The felt like method longer than sixty seconds. Again. Farce. Kids’ movie. It all adds increase if you just do the math. I can’t believe there wasn’t a sequel to this movie. I mean, come on. The product was best there, and also considering the shit the gets made this days, i don’t understand how Burton to be even enabled to work again, please again Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and also The coco Factory as opposed to making one more Nightmare movie. Just pick any type of holiday and also have him go and also cause mischief. They can even teach valuable lessons. Thanksgiving. Jack learn the limit of gluttony as he encounters health symptom due to coming to be morbidly obese after ~ bringing a killer holiday spread earlier to Halloweentown. St. Patrick’s Day. Jack establishes a drink problem and the gang has to stage an treatment to save him indigenous the brink of self destruction. We’re talking around quality, wholesome, American household viewing.

Jack: I’m no feeling so good about the pound and a fifty percent of hot wings and also several beers I had for dinner all of a sudden.

Jake: since this is a fear blog, let’s at least shot to speak a bit of horror. Some of the personalities are really interesting. The foolish scientist is just one of the best. He even has a sidekick called Igor, simply to make sure the audience knows Burton wasn’t fucking around. That is using the straight up classics. The boogeyman is over there too, as space witches, a mummy, and also even a swamp-thing-type creature. One of the characters, or teams of characters, i can’t assist but focus on when I see them is the weird family. There is a tall, thin Bob Ross looking father, a huge elephantiasis-stricken looking mother, and they have actually a fat little kid that they save on a leash. That fucking bizarre. The the fringe personalities like this the really add to the film.


Jack: Yeah, it’s a consistent mid-90’s civics textbook covering of diversity because that the monster-world. And also since you carried up Boogey, deserve to we talk around how an excellent the voice-acting for him was? an extremely good. So good it no seem choose the weirdest point in the civilization that he at one allude says “You shot to do a doop the end of me?” favor it’s a entirely normal point to say. Doop? What is a doop? now that i have heard that I execute think that evocative and will be making use of it, I"ve just never heard the before. And did friend think it was weird that Burton conspicuously never shows the adult human faces? He reflects the adult monster faces, the son monster faces, and the kid human faces, but every time yes an adult human there’s a desk lamp or a bannister or something absurdly evident in the way. The absolutely must have actually been because that something, however I cannot for the life the me number out what.

Jake: I just kind of believed it to be an homage come Charlie Brown. Now that ns reflect on that I execute not know why that would certainly be the case, but there you go. In addition to the weird scenes favor those, there are some classic scenes in this movie. Among my favourite is as soon as the vampires room playing ice cream hockey with a pumpkin. It’s so basic but therefore visually appealing. There are tons of these small touches in the film that make that a quite clutch alternative for background beat at any Halloween party. I beg your pardon is monster considering just how much that the movie is at the very least kind of around Christmas.

Jack: I fully agree. Yet the key to what you just said is background play. Since the movie itself is kind of depressing. Think around it, Jack hates his life, tries and also fails to shake things up, and ultimately his huge revelation is the he for sure is resigned to the life he discovered unfulfilling, but he got a band-aid to temporarily solve the problem in regards to some new excitement about next Halloween. This aren’t irreversible solutions Jack, you’ll just end up depressed again. Though it does make her St. Patty’s day sequel and the intervention therein much more likely.

Jake: Nah man, Jack’s changed, he have the right to be excited around next Halloween since now he have the right to celebrate Christmas too (just no take the over). Speak of Christmas, and keeping v the fear topic, let’s talk about my favourite gift that the Halloween gang rigs up. My favorite is the jack-o-lantern jack-in the-box toy that is watched hopping ~ a kid so fat he have the right to barely waddle under the hall in a feeble attempt to escape. There’s actually a many pretty horrifying shit Jack Skellington drops under people"s’ chimneys if pretending to be Santa Claus. Like a demonically own doll, a severed head, and a snake that immediately begins engulfing whatever in that is path. That’s fear movie stuff ideal there. Anaconda.

Jack: and it’s good stuff. Terrifying stuff. Through one exception. The snake. I fully agree with you that the remainder of them are dark, however for some reason, a really slow-moving brightly-colored large snake that’s just going to consume your whole Christmas tree over the food of favor eleven hrs is funny to me. An extremely funny. And also the intuitive came across as more slap-stick than horror.

Jake: Overall, The Nightmare prior to Christmas is a genre bending, holiday twisting suffer that really has to be checked out to be understood. While it no a horror movie, the is clearly influenced by and also pays homage to numerous of the classics, and, at least for one kid, sparked an enduring attention in the fear genre.

Jack: Nightmare definitely gets a nostalgic rise out of me, and it’s a good enough movie the the nostalgia no the only thing maintaining it going at this allude either. Quite enjoyable all around. Ratings?

Jake: host on a cursed second. You"ve gained something come account for. Last week, friend debuted a "new segment," and after hrs of cook negotiations in between our people, the looks like it"s sticking. So, walk . . . What"s Jack"s incomprehensible Bullshit that the main or everything its called?

Jack: First, friend butchered the name, mean a call from my cracked team that attorneys. Additionally you forgot the gameshow music. Additionally I . . . Don"t have actually one this week. Every my notes were comprehensible. For this reason there"s that.

Jake: The quantity of disguises her attorneys use renders me uncomfortable. And fuck you. One week, that segment lasted.

Jack: fine it"ll be back, as soon as you the very least expect it. Type of like Halloween once your expecting Christmas huh?

Jake: crap you. Ratings?

RATINGS (1-10)

For 1, think of exactly how Balki Bartokomous would rate ducks (or possibly pterodactyls? that was never clear):

For 10, think of what Dave Chappelle thought of Pepsi prior to that vacuum cleaner saw town top top him:

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Jack: 5 - i really choose the overall story, however Burton’s obtained a lot to answer for vis-a-vis Halloweentown public structure and also world-to-world transportation mechanics.

Jake: 6 - Pretty interesting idea because that a story and also still feels unique. It is just ankle-deep as it’s a household oriented musical, but deserves a nod because that what that is.


Jack: 6 - The movie looks great and the characters, though not human, room still relatable. Also Zero felt like he had lots of personality come me.

Jake: 6 - because that the visual high quality of the world, especially considering exactly how novel it to be at the time. The musical aspect really renders this something that ns cannot personally be immersed in though. I sort of just look at the quite animations and also tune out throughout the songs.


Jack: 1 - would certainly be 0, yet it sneaks some creep in.

Jake: 1 - Nope.


Jack: 8 - The only thing maintaining this from being perfect is the fire animation ages method less well than the remainder of the movie, and also thus was standing out fairly a little bit more.

Jake: 9 - This type of animation is pretty rare these days and also it is as great as it gets. Cannot give the effects enough praise.


Jack: 5 - no a horror movie and definitely kid-oriented, but well-made and pretty enjoyable.

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Jake: 5.5 - The rating gets killed by the absence of any type of scare-factor but this is a movie everyone should see at the very least once.