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Some to speak the smooth layout of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (as shown above by members the the Alpha Sigma chapter at southerly University) finest fits the personality of chairman Barack Obama (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert).

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Brother President

Stereotypes are controversial, particularly when it comes to race.

But sometimes stereotypes can create a fun conversation especially when it involves Black fraternities.

The five Black fraternities (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma and Iota Phi Theta) regularly boast about their image and also their famous initiates.

However, the most famous African-American guy in the country, chairman Barack Obama, does not right now belong to a black fraternity.

I am pretty sure all 5 fraternities would love because that the POTUS to come to be a part of your noble clan, however which one does his format fit?

The Alphas are stereotyped together the intellectuals, boasting together proud members together Dr. Boy name Luther King, Jr. And also Roland Martin.

The Kappas room stereotyped as the suave pretty boys and also boast such renowned members as Tavis Smiley and also Colin Kaepernick.

The Omegas are known as the athletic Que-Dogs and also boast members such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and also Michael Jordan.

Unfortunately, the Sigmas space stereotyped together country. However those ar boys have the right to proudly insurance claim Civil civil liberties activist Hosea Williams and also Hall of reputation running earlier Emmitt Smith.

Iotas room stereotyped as the forgotten black color fraternity, however the Iotas have the right to brag around such well-known and famous members as actor T.C. Carson from “Living Single.”

So if Obama became an honorary member that a black color fraternity, i m sorry one would fit his style and personality more?

It have the right to happen due to the fact that after all, President bill Clinton is one honorary Sigma.

No one important knows however the POTUS himself, but charline-picon.com thought it would be a many fun to view what the public thought of the 44th president coming to be an honorary member of one of the prestigious and acclaimed black color fraternities.

“He would be an Alpha man, hand down,” stated Sundra Proctor-Smith top top MingleCity.com. “His mam is an honorary AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority).”

Celena agreed and stated, “Not to mention his boy Hill Harper…is an Alpha man so i can’t imagine chairman Obama not following suit. And also the Alpha hand authorize is likewise a hand authorize meaning…I’m not sure…in Hawaii.”

However Ace totally disagreed, stating the he believed Obama has actually the swagger that a Kappa.

“At first I thought more than likely Alpha or Kappa,” he said. “But I experienced a clip of the on ‘Meet the Press’ that led me to think he can be a Kappa. In which method he simply fits the Nupe layout that I’m acquainted with.”

A young lady that only figured out herself together ALL SMILES agreed with Ace stating the Obama right the Kappa stereotype an ext than other Black fraternities.

“I can see chairman Obama twirlin’ a kane,” she said. “He has actually that swag and that…ohhh for this reason Kappa appeal.”

Nevertheless on MingleCity.com, a young man dubbed Dipp stated that Obama looks prefer a Phi Beta Sigma man, while a responder called thatamazinque stated simply Omega Psi Phi.

Despite the truth that Obama might enhance the file of any kind of Black fraternity he might join, recent rumors had him considering Kappa Alpha Psi, follow to KennethDPrice.com.

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“More recently, rumblings of president Barack Obama considering honorary membership into Kappa Alpha Psi have actually stirred conflict inside the organization…To-date, the fraternity only has actually a handful of honorary members…Obama would certainly be the an initial such member in decades due to the fact that the end of the fraternity’s honorary membership program.”

Regardless if Obama becomes an honorary member that a black fraternity, and also regardless of what stereotype fits his persona, all five Black fraternities would most likely love for their stereotype to likewise include the ax presidential.