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13 fascinating facts about Ward Bond and also "Wagon Train"

Saddle up and ride with among Hollywood"s toughest actors.

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Ward Bond was as tough as lock come. No wonder the Nebraska indigenous would come to be best buddies v John Wayne. The 2 were true cowboys.

After a unfathomably effective film career, Bond cleared up into tv on the well-known Western collection Wagon Train. He to be no stranger to wagons, horses and dust. Sadly, the star passed away midway v the 4th season of the show.

1. Link played through John Wayne on the USC football team.


That young stud is Marion Morrison, quickly to be known to the world as man Wayne. Prior to snapping his clavicle while body-surfing, Wayne play on the USC Trojans" attack line together Ward bond in 1926. Bond go on to play top top the storied school"s first national championship team, the 1928 squad.

Image: usctrojans

2. Bond shows up in an ext films ~ above the American film Institute"s 100 biggest American movies than any kind of other actor.


Bond has perhaps the most enviable filmography of any kind of actor, previous or present. Simply look in ~ his credits. He acted in 7 of the 100 biggest American movies according come the AFI — It taken place One Night (1934), Bringing up Baby (1938), Gone with the Wind (1939), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), The Maltese Falcon (1941), It"s a exorbitant Life (1946) and The Searchers (1956).

3. Bond showed up on "Wagon Train" in crutches after injuring his leg.


At the finish of "The Clara Beauchamp Story," bond stands in a row of military guys on a pair that crutches. It to be no prop. The actor had actually suffered one injury in a automobile accident. The negative (but certainly tough) guy was likewise hit by a vehicle on his means to man Wayne"s wedding, but he perform his best man duties top top crutches.

4. Man Wayne accidentally shoot Ward shortcut on a hunting trip.


Even a pistol wound could not break up the ideal friends. Ward left the shotgun to Wayne in his will.

5. Bond died of a heart attack on the 4th season the "Wagon Train."


Bond shockingly happen on November 5, 1960. Man McIntire was carried in to change the actor, acting together a new wagon master.No explanation was given for significant Adams" disappearance.

6. The conservative Bond authorized scripts for "Wagon Train."


In the publication Three poor Men: man Ford, john Wayne, Ward Bond, Wagon Train associate producer Frederick shore recalls, "We had actually to send every manuscript in advance to get approved by both NBC and also the censors… consisting of Ward Bond, that was very right-wing, and also I"m sure part of the approval process." shortcut toned under the violence and also steered the display in a family-friendly direction.

Image:AP Photo/David F. Smith

7. Man Ford command one illustration of "Wagon Train."


Ward Bond worked with legend director man Ford in a staggering 26 function films. The Wagon Train series itself was based upon their 1950 job Wagon Master. A decade later, Ford would certainly helm the season four episode "The Colter Craven Story," among his few television credits. Ford reportedly offered footage indigenous the previously movie together stock shots in the episode.

Image: AP Photo

8. Bond showed up in an illustration of "General electrical Theater" alongside a future chairman and very first Lady.


In "A Turkey for the President" a young boy on a California turkey farm yard is preferred to deliver a compensation bird to the President for Thanksgiving. Nancy Reagan,néeDavis, theatre his mother, while she soon-to-be husband, Ronald, hosts together always. Bond, oddly, plays a character called Grey Eagle.

9. Ronald Reagan made one of his last acting appearances top top "Wagon Train."


The Gipper to be winding under his exhilaration career by the time he appeared in 1963"s "The fort Pierce Story," episode 2 ofseason seven. Two years later, that announced his campaign for governor of California.

10. Leonard Nimoy shown Mexicans, a indigenous American and also a Spanish male on "Wagon Train."


Before coming to be Spock, the versatile actor can be viewed as Bernabe Zamora,Cherokee Ned,Joaquin Delgado andEmeterio Vasquez in 4 episodes between 1959 and 1962.

11. Gene Roddenberry pitched "Star Trek" together "Wagon Train to the stars."


Speaking that Star Trek, it have to be pointed out that creator Gene Roddenberry sold and explained his landmark sci-fi collection as "Wagon Train come the stars," help studio execs wrap their heads roughly the wandering, episodic concept.

12. There"s a reason the Western collection is pointed out in the classic film "Stand by Me."


Another member that the Star Trek universe, Wil Wheaton gave anunforgettable performance together Gordie in Stand by Me. In ~ one point, the asks his friends, "Wagon Train"s a yes, really cool show, however did you notification they never obtain anywhere? They just keep wagon training." Wheaton supposedlyasked rob Reiner if the show might be operated into the script, together his grandfather was property understand on Wagon Train.

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13. "Wagon Train" had three template songs.


The instrumental very first season theme "Wagon Train" was written by Henri René and also Bob Russell. The following season, a fresh song was introduced, "(Roll Along) Wagon Train," composed by Sammy Fain and Jack Brooks and also sung by Johnny O"Neill. Halfway with the season, the vocals to be scrapped. The adhering to year, yet an additional theme, "Wagons Ho!," would be introduced. The one stuck approximately until the end. We space fans the the vocal version. How around you?


In mid-July of 1944, Bond to be a pedestrian leaving the Hollywood movie premiere that "Since friend Went Away" as soon as he was struck by an auto, enduring a serious compound fracture that the lower left leg. Bond refuse amputation, which medical professionals felt would be necessary, however eventually recovered. The driver that the vehicle was fined $25 and cleared of failure to yield best of method to a pedestrian. Although plenty of stories speak he was on crutches as john Wayne"s finest man at his January 1946 wedding come Esperanza Baur, at least one biography of Wayne states that bond was merely using a cane, together a result of the 1944 accident. Every one of this information originates from newspaper articles of the day. Man, would I love to be actually PAID to be a truth finder in ~ ME-TV. That is obvious they have no one in that place now. Or possibly they aren"t paid, and you acquire what you salary for.