Can friend tell me if over there is a Wal-Mart Superstore or Sam"s society on the island or a great place to buy cheap flowers?

Thank You and also have a good day!Dianna


Okay that was the exact same number that Rick gave. Stunner me. I simply saw that he had actually St. Croix. Anyway, it is in St. Thomas as well at the number listed above.

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DITTO! This thread was from 2004. Find is good but don"t search and then sign on to an oldie. Develop your very own thread v your new questions after ~ researching previous subject - PLEASE!

George, in answer come your inquiry there room Pueblo stores, Cost-u-Less & Price-Smarts both have large grocery departments consisting of with meat and also there is also Food facility on the eastern End & Plaza Extra in Tutu Park Mall.

Smaller yet with a great selection is Marina market & likewise Gourmet collection in Havensight. They"re a little pricier, though yet nice for some hard-to-find items.

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The main trouble with re-surfacing old threads and not creating new ones - an especially when it involves information such together restaurants, stores, "phone numbers, etc. - is that such information frequently changes. Numerous businesses come and go in ~ a pair of years, others take your place and also not anyone reads the original posting/thread date. Cheers!

STT ResidentGot ya there! however threads favor my "Bugs and also Villas, etc. Are an extremely informational and always stay the same. We have the very same old bugs, but the information is an excellent for Newbies! I know your point!

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