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2010 volkswagen brand-new beetlevin: 3vwrg3ag8am020699hatchback 2 dr2.5l i5 f dohc 20vgasolinefront wheel drive

Timing chains: Engine time Chain.07K109158BBeetle; Lower.$148.33MSRPEngine time Chain.07K109231ABeetle; Upper.$170.00MSRP
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Billymade, Looking to buy used beetle. Have the right to you phone call me what year, make, design beetle started using a timing chain? and also at what mile interval have to a timing chain be changed? I understand timing belts have to be adjusted on enlarge vw in ~ 60,000 + . Any kind of info would be appreciated during my find for brand-new beetle.The just engine through the timing chain; would be the 2.5L engine, ns believe, they were from 2006 to 2010 models. Few of the at an early stage 2.5L engines, had problems with the timing chain tensioners failing; this outcomes in bent valves and also many times, that is an ext cost reliable to replace the engine. Castle revised the tensioners, ns think in 2007/8 and was stated to settle the problem. So, a later model 2.5L brand-new Beetle; would more than likely be recommended, to avoid the previously failure prone chain/tensioner design. VW doesn"t perform a time chain instead of interval; plenty of online, are having failures, which damages the valves and so, room recommending, what in the 100k to 200k range. The chains obtain noisy/loose together they wear, countless times, a problem code will certainly be thrown but using high quality oil, transforming when recommend, seems to influence the wear that the timing chain/guides through the tensioners at some point wearing out as well. Unfortunately, the time chain instead of process; requires, removal of the tranmission and so, the job is expensive. Failures and also repair info/experiences; on vwvortex because that the 2005/2006 Jetta, Golf, new Beetle: are other engines to select from; the 1.8T, 2.0L and TDI. You might discuss, what type of power, fuel mpg and transmission you like, what your spending plan is. Space you absolutely wanting a brand-new Beetle or the 2012+ Beetles? The last design Beetle"s, it seems ~ to be coming down in price and might it is in a newer, more current choice for you, as well.

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Got a trouble code? Look that up; on the Ross tech Wiki! to discover a VW part number? Look increase here:, usage google; to discover the finest prices!