1. Vicariously2. Disabuse3. Fetters4. Brusque5. Contrive6. Demagogue7. Transgress8. Megalomaniac9. Insurgent10. Anomalous11. Ennui12. Surreptitious13. Sinecure14. Transmute15. Aspersions16. Cajole17. Vicariously18. Surreptitiously19. Bizarre20. Heinous21. Transgressed22. Immutable23. Castigated24. Brusque25. Cajole
1. Heinous2. Aspersion3. Fetter4. Demagogue5. Disabuse6. Castigate7. Insurgent8. Contrive9. Brusque10. Megalomania
1. Sinecure2. Disabuse3. Aspersion4. Castigated5. Surreptitious6. Fetters7. Heinous8. Transgressed9. Megalomania10. Insurgents11. Contrive12. Vicarious13. Transmute14. Immutable15. Bizarre16. Ennui17. Cajole18. Anomalous19. Demagogue20. Brusque
VOCABULARY WORKSHOP has actually for an ext than five decades been the leading regimen for systematic vocabulary development for grades 6–12. It has actually been proven a very successful tool in help students increase their vocabularies, boost their vocabulary skills, and also prepare for the vocabulary strands of standardized tests. This typical Core Enriched version of VOCABULARY WORKSHOP preserves and improves crucial elements that the regimen that have actually made it so effective, and it introduces important brand-new features that make the series an ext comprehensive in border and much more current in its method to vocabulary instruction, particularly with respect to standardization testing and also the typical Core State criter for English Language Arts.

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QR Codes
QR Codes new QR (Quick Response) codes appear on the analysis Passage and Vocabulary in context pages. The code deserve to be review with a smartphone camera. To check out the QR code, users may download any free QR code application come a smartphone. Snapping this code web links students directly to the pertinent VOCABULARY WORKSHOP internet site, wherein they have the right to listen come or take it an interaction vocabulary quiz. Use a smartphone camera and also a QR code application to snap this password to link to the VOCABULARY WORKSHOP residence page.
Reading Passages
New analysis Passages open each Unit that VOCABULARY WORKSHOP. At least 15 of the 20 Unit vocabulary words show up in every Passage. Students read the words in paper definition in informational texts to activate prior knowledge and then apply what they discover throughout the Unit, providing practice in critical-reading skills. Idioms, adages, and also proverbs provided in Passages carry out exposure come figurative language. Passage topics are high-interest and also represent a range of genres, consisting of expository texts, informational essays, historic nonfiction, and biographies. Snap the code or walk to the VOCABULARY WORKSHOP home page to listen to, and hear modeled reading of each Unit Passage.
Writing Prompts
Students practice writing responses to two species of prompts. The an initial prompt refers to the passage that introduced the Unit and encourages close analysis of the text. The 2nd prompt is modeled on those that appear on standardized tests, such together the SAT® and also ACT®.*
Vocabulary in Context
The Vocabulary in paper definition pages save excerpts from standard literature. Each excerpt supplies one that the vocabulary words native the Unit and also provides students v exposure come the vocabulary in the paper definition of yes, really literature. Multiple-choice questions give practice in standardized-test format. An interactive quiz utilizing the Unit native is easily accessible by snapping the QR password on the web page or by visiting vocabularyworkshop.com.
Word Study
In accordance with the typical Core State Standards, the Word examine pages deal with figurative language v instruction and also practice using idioms, adages, and also proverbs, also as carry out instruction on determining and applying denotation and also connotation. This new section appears every 3 Units, after ~ the Review.
*SAT is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College board which to be not connected in the manufacturing of, and also does no endorse, this product. Act is a registered trademark that ACT, Inc., which was not involved in the manufacturing of, and does no endorse, this product.

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