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Hi everyone, I"m wiring up part reverse lights and also I need to understand which wire coming the end of the neutral security switch is the reverse lights therefore I deserve to use it as a move to turn the new lights on. I searched however couldn"t uncover a chart or everyone explaining which color wire it is. Go anyone know?Thanks in advance!

If i am looking at the ideal connector, the red wire has power regardless of shifter place so that"s not it. This is the connector I believe to it is in coming out of the this correct?


Haha mine bad, I could have sworn i captioned them! Sorry about that but yes the is looking under at the disassembled facility console. I"ll go look and also report earlier which color it is, i should be able to find the now. Thanks a million Enola!
Wait, wait ....I obtained so captured up in locating the park / neutral place switch I shed sight the the main problem - tapping into the hot line ~ above the backup light circuit.Here (attached) is the 2009 version of the diagram. It"s the same to the 2007 version, other than for the specific red color scheme top top the cable in question.After the line runs from the switch approximately connector IH1 (under the dash, to the best of the glovebox) it operation over to pen #1 ~ above connector ID2 - i m sorry is conveniently situated in the left absent panel (somewhere).I"m consisting of the 2009 version of the wiring diagram since it contains an illustration of the connector(s).
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The wire is red v a white stripe and also the black color IH1 connector is very easy to find if you take it the gloves box off. Ns didn"t invest too lot time in search of the ID2 connector due to the fact that there were number of gray connectors and no easy way to distinguish them. Many thanks for all the aid Edola!
Glad that turned out to be simple to access .... :waytogo:Now be sure to article photos of these brand-new lights once you"ve got whatever installed ... :thinking:
"If i witnessed a old dude v what appeared to be a cat end his mouth driving quicker than me I"d prevent driving fast." - FirdaddyLine-X, ARE, Recaro, Team Voodoo, Husky, Lund, Optima, OMP, Aesthetic Finishers Inc.,Michelin
Here are some pics that the download of mine PIAA backup lights...This is where I mounted them. They room aimed contempt outwards and also light up a good deal behind me. They space also an extremely useful because that getting people behind girlfriend to rotate of your brights, stop tailgating you and also to mess with your friends! :evil:
I think I supplied the existing feet in my bumper (I did most of this install virtually a year earlier so ns can"t remember)...there to be drilling involved somewhere in this step but it could have been on the mounting bracket. Sorry ns can"t remember! :selfbonk:
I simply routed the wires together the present harnesses up right into the cabin here yet you have actually to cut the grommet...
To permit the lamp to come on v the stock turning back lights (ON1 switch position) ns ran a wire over come the only black connector behind the glovebox. Splice it right into the red wire v the white stripe.And that"s it! everything came in the kit and was very basic and straightforward...once you understand where the IH1 connector is lol.

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