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The brief story "The war of the Wall," through Toni Cade Bambara , speak of two schoolchildren, the narrator and also his cousin Lou, who object to a painter composing a picture on a wall in their neighborhood. The wall surface holds special definition for them, especially because they have...

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The quick story "The battle of the Wall," through Toni Cade Bambara, speak of two schoolchildren, the narrator and also his cousin Lou, that object come a painter creating a snapshot on a wall in their neighborhood. The wall surface holds special meaning for them, especially because they have actually chiseled the name of your friend Jimmy Lyons, who died in Vietnam, on it. The mrs ignores them and also continues she work. She is single-minded at her task and also doesn"t take much notification of anyone else around.

While on a weekend in ~ the country, Lou and the narrator come up v the idea of covering the painter"s wall snapshot with spray paint, simply as they"ve viewed graffiti artists do on TV. As soon as they return to town, they invest their whole allowance top top spray paint. However, as soon as they get to the wall, they realize that the painter has created an impressive mural of afri American empowerment, and also she has actually done that in storage of she cousin Jimmy Lyons.

The key theme the this story has to do through the propensity of people to misjudge points that lock don"t understand. That could likewise be expressed as the importance of no jumping to conclusions too quickly or not making assumptions when girlfriend don"t have actually all the facts. The two youngsters could have avoided every the confusion, misunderstandings, and bad feel if they would have simply request the artist what she was painting. Instead, they automatically assume that she is law something wrong, the she is invading their territory, and that castle won"t favor the end result of her efforts.

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The beauty and appropriateness of the artist"s occupational when the is perfect highlights come the children and also everyone rather in the neighborhood the prestige of being sluggish to referee what girlfriend don"t understand and also not relying top top your an initial (and frequently erroneous) impressions that a situation.