Note: this is a spoiler-free review of the fourth and also final charline-picon.comson the Castlevania, which debuts on Netflix ~ above Thursday, might 13. If you need a refresher on where the series left off, check out"s Castlevania: charline-picon.comson 3 review.

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Castlevania has actually long due to the fact that established chin as one of Netflix"s ideal original collection and the uncontested champion of video clip game adaptations (low bar though that might be). Also so, there"s definitely reason for issue heading right into the show"s fourth and final charline-picon.comson. Can Castlevania tie up its many loose ends and deliver a installation conclusion end the food of ten episodes? have the recent scandals surrounding series creator/writer Warren Ellis compelled a premature end? Fortunately, every those fear are conveniently put to remainder in charline-picon.comson 4. Castlevania end its run through a dramatic, enthralling final charline-picon.comson that an ext than resides up come expectations.

The series really seems to have gone into its game of Thrones step in charline-picon.comson 4. Not only is this bleak, blood-soaked, monster-ridden fantasy kingdom a dead-ringer for Westeros at times, the collection has additionally increasingly pertained to emphasize the idea that warring factions and also houses jockeying for strength in a land beset by chaos. Except Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and also Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso), no one of the show"s surviving personalities neatly fit right into the hero or rogue camp. Charline-picon.comson 4 reflects these various factions do their big power plays and slowly, deliberately starts drawing this scattered characters together into the cool finale.

Indeed, that"s constantly been one of Castlevania"s greatest strengths - crafting nuanced, three-dimensional characters with clean goals and motivations. Even with a character favor vengeful vampire queen Carmilla (Jaime Murray), the collection takes great pains to explore why she commits her unspeakable atrocities and why she feels justification in transforming Europe into a enormous human livestock pen. The show also continues to get great mileage out of ex-Forgemaster Isaac (Adetokumboh M"Cormack), that finds himself unwittingly evolving from conqueror to miscellaneous more.

charline-picon.comson 4 might be the show"s most thematically resonant. It"s heavily concentrated on the concern of whether beings - human, vampire or otherwise - can overcome their base natures and build a better future. That question fuels pretty much every significant character arc in these last ten episodes, whether it"s Alucard (James Callis) battling his darker vampire next or Lenore (Jessica Brown Findlay) wrestling v the irrelevance of diplomat in all-out war. Charline-picon.comson 4 likewise hinges greatly on Saint Germain (Bill Nighy), a character that becomes even an ext fascinating and also morally ambiguous complying with his return native the unlimited Corridor.

Rushed speed is one point Castlevania doesn"t share v the final charline-picon.comson of video game of Thrones. Ten half-hour episodes might not it seems ~ like enough time to properly check out these countless threads and do justice to every character, however somehow the series manages just fine. There"s a clear sense of focus to the narrative together plotlines converge and the collection gradually sheds weight leading into the grand climax. Watching charline-picon.comson 4, there"s no feeling anything to be rushed or compressed in bespeak to give Castlevania a premature ending in response to the Ellis scandal. The collection reaches such a herbal conclusion in the final two episodes the it would seem finishing the collection here was always the plan. There"s likewise a nice blend of action-heavy illustration and more character-driven fare, complete with 2 of those obligatory, non-saw slaughter-fests the series has end up being known for.

That"s not to speak the show is there is no a handful of stumbles in the march come the finish line. One early on episode features a lengthy flashback detailing a return character"s current history. The flashback winds up revealing too much about their motivations, eventually robbing the display of a bit of included drama and also a far better reveal under the road. It"s likewise disappointing to watch some personalities basically shuffled turn off the table in the latter fifty percent of the charline-picon.comson. Their stories may be wrapped up by that point, however it would still have actually been nice to check out a bit more focus top top the entire actors in the last episodes.

Malcolm McDowell is impeccably actors as the bumbling, self-important vampire Varney

Somehow, the series even finds room to present several brand-new faces alongside all the returning favorites. Malcolm McDowell is impeccably actors as the bumbling, self-important vampire Varney, while a proper recognizable Titus Welliver shines together his righthand man, the hulking Slavic vampire Ratko. Marsha Thomason"s Greta quickly becomes an entertaining and also even essential foil come Alucard, one who pokes fun at his never-ending parade that misery while additionally reawakening the hero within.

As usual, the voice cast is superior all-around, v Nighy, Reynoso, and also M"Cormack also among the standouts in charline-picon.comson 4. Some episodes perform seem to endure from sound mixing issues, wherein the conversation is overly muted. May be some, if not all, the the cast recorded your lines remotely throughout the pandemic, so that might be the culprit here. Regardless, the voice actors remains another strength the the series.

The same goes because that the impressive visuals courtesy of Powerhouse Animation and director Sam Deats. The fight scenes rival anything rather we"ve viewed from the series in terms of scope and energy. The penultimate episode specifically stands out in the regard. There"s a actual thrill see multiple characters unleash the full extent of their powers in a battle sequence that just keeps building and also building. Picture The Raid: Redemption v vampires, ogres, and also magic daggers. Yet the series also succeeds in those quieter, character-driven moments and also those sometimes bursts that pure psychedelia. Castlevania uses a really well-rounded package, visually and also otherwise.

Regardless that who lives or die in the end, all the major characters are provided definitive, emotionally solve endings.

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Again, the series reaches a fitting conclusion through the last episode. Nevertheless of who stays or die in the end, every the major characters are offered definitive, emotionally solve endings. The finale"s emphasis on tie up loosened ends is in reality pretty refresh in a franchise so concentrated on a constant stream that sequels and also Dracula"s never-ending, revolving door the death and also resurrection. Fans may decry the fact that charline-picon.comson 4 isn"t really direct about setup up the previously announced spinoff series, however there"s a lot come be claimed for just picking a clean endpoint and leaving the future to type itself out.

The Verdict

In a time when many studios tho can't seem to number out just how to effectively translate video games come film and TV, Castlevania emerges as the brand-new gold standard. Charline-picon.comson 2 build on the structure of the brief first charline-picon.comson, broadening the world and introducing more compelling, nuanced characters captured up in Dracula's war. The manages to it is in faithful come the source material while tho making large changes whereby necessary and emphasizing character growth over mindless action.