Back in the 1960s and 70s, the Bell phone call system had a attractive commercial slogan i remember come this day: “Long distance. It’s the next ideal thing to being there.” It was all around extolling the virtues of connecting with distant loved ones utilizing expensive long-distance phone call calls.

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Made me wonder if that jingle still rings true when it pertains to how within sellers — and increasingly even outside reps — are spending an ext time connecting v prospects and also customers remotely matches face-to-face.

Recently, my agency partnered v to survey an ext than 300 inside and outside salespeople around their online sales conversations. Top top average, 62 percent the respondents conduct at least fifty percent of your meetings end the call or web. V a far-reaching percentage (38 percent) saying three-fourths or much more of their conversations take place in non-face-to-face environments.

Whether it’s within or external sales, one point is clear: online sales calls room a large deal. But, room they the next finest thing to gift there? we asked a pair more questions. What’s the best technique for gift remarkable and compelling in this environments? carry out you just modify existing engagement approaches to a call or internet conference setting? Or does it need a total rethink in terms of blog post delivery?

There are a couple of schools that thought. In ~ a an easy level, the ideologies include:

1. Verbal-only – try to minimize friction by maintaining the conversation verbal only and also not directing prospects and customers to net links, apps, or other visual storytelling aids for are afraid of reducing your willingness to participate.

2. Web link with PowerPoint – ask prospects and customers to go to a web attach to show them some kind of timeless PowerPoint presentation deck to help tell your story.

3. Dynamic visual storytelling – usage interactive visual storytelling end the internet in the kind of virtual demonstrations. Friend can also use dynamic visual builds in PowerPoint or even draw an easy images using a whiteboard app.

4. Energetic Customer Participation – asking prospects and also customers to grab a item of record and pen and hand-draw certain concepts described by the seller that assist illustrate your main point message — moving them from passive observer to energetic participant.

Interestingly, the highest variety of respondents to our inspection rank the 3rd and fourth categories as the many effective. But, 87 percent rarely or never ever ask prospects and customers to attract anything, also though 64 percent think it would have actually a positive impact.

This come at a time as soon as nearly half (47 percent) believe their main point messaging is just somewhat well-suited or worse because that phone or web conference environments.

Currently, there’s little to no research to help determine the best engagement approach for these an essential selling environments. That’s why we’re placing these 4 approaches described above to the test in an continuous research simulation being done through Dr. Nick Lee, a professor at the Warwick organization School in Coventry, U.K. Fine publish those outcomes in the next worry of Sales & Marketing Management.

The photo Superiority Effect

Based top top the snapshot Superiority Effect, us hypothesize the some form of intuitive storytelling will be more effective. The picture Superiority effect affirms that images are far better than message alone at getting human being to mental what you’re informing them. Plenty of studies have presented that in terms of recall, a visual story far outperforms one told just with indigenous or text — perhaps through a aspect of six or seven.

But what kind of visual works best? that was the primary question control a research my agency conducted two years earlier with Dr. Zak Tormala, an experienced in messaging and persuasion. What the study revealed is the simple, concrete, hand-drawn visuals top top a whiteboard outperformed two types of PowerPoint gift in the areas of recall, engagement, presentation quality, credibility, and also persuasion. (View the research at

Our main point then was the simple, concrete whiteboard-style visuals are much more effective in face-to-face sales gift than classic PowerPoint techniques. But, we additionally extrapolated the these results can be used to the visuals salespeople use in online sales calls. That came to be the jump-off suggest for the examine to come.

Another motivating variable for researching engagement in digital selling settings was a recent instance study we performed with a company that selling a $10,000 coaching product to marketing and also sales leaders. To execute so, it depends strictly on within salespeople to drive business and close leads. Salespeople had actually a verbal script that consists of a six-pronged persuasion method following Robert Cialdini’s research.

The agency was protest to using visuals in either drawings or internet links, believing the would develop “too much friction” on the calls. My firm worked with them to develop a simple, concrete intuitive story modeled on ours Why readjust storytelling framework, draft to create urgency and also convince prospects to rest from the standing quo. In the new approach, sellers asked future to attract the intuitive themselves.

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The visual story had actually an prompt positive impact relative to your previous verbal-only approach. It increased their sales by an ext than 24 percent the next month.

While a promising preliminary example, the following step is to check the method in a more rigorous research study simulation, to see exactly how it stop up throughout different B2B selling situations. Continue to be tuned because that those results.