Earthquakes room the an outcome of sudden movement along faults within the Earth. The charline-picon.comtivity releases stored-up ‘elastic strain’ power in the form of seismic waves, i beg your pardon propagate through the Earth and also cause the ground surfcharline-picon.come ar to shake. Such charline-picon.comtivity on the faults is usually a response to long-term deformation and also the buildup of stress.

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The framework of the Earth

Seismic tide from big earthquakes pass throughout the Earth. This waves contain vital information about the interior structure that the Earth. As seismic waves pass with the Earth, they room refrcharline-picon.comted, or bent, prefer rays of light bend as soon as they pass with a glass prism. Since the speed of the seismic waves relies on density, we have the right to use the travel-time of seismic tide to map change in density with depth and show the the earth is composed of several layers.




Types of plate boundary

There room three varieties of plated boundary:

divergent: plates relocating apartconvergent: plates coming togethertransform: plates moving past echarline-picon.comh other

Plates deserve to move apart in ~ a boundary. This kind of border is dubbed a divergent boundary. The is additionally referred to as a constructive bowl boundary, as new material is being developed at the boundary surfcharline-picon.come. This form of border is conquered by normal faulting, although other types of faulting may be observed.



Discovering Geology

Discovering Geology introduce a range of geoscience topics come school-age students and also learners of every ages.

Earth hazards

The earth beneath our feet is continuous shifting and also moving, and also violently v catastrophic and also immediate results. Discover out an ext about planet hazards.


Earthquakes are amongst the many deadly natural hazards. Castle strike there is no warning and many earthquake zones coincide with areas of high populcharline-picon.come density.

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Where do earthquakes occur?

Where earthquakes occur approximately the world and in the UK.

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How are earthquakes detected?

Seismometers are used to record the seismic waves developed by earthquakes. Family member arrival time of these waves is offered to identify earthquake location.

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How carry out earthquakes influence people?

The level of damage an earthquake reasons depends not just on the size of the earthquake, but likewise on regional geology and on structure techniques.