amongst North Indian Students, the expression "give an exam" is really popular. These students use the phrase to describe the plot of writing the answers to check questions.

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The factor being, in Hindi, it"s well-known as "exam dhena" which equates literally to "to give an exam".

In south India, however, a majority of world use the expression "to take it up one exam".

Which of these usages is more common/appropriate/grammatical? (As a prof ns have developed a weird aversion toward the "give one exam" phrase; I find it wrong and ugly.)



It counts on what the means. In American, college student take an exam, if professors give one exam. This is really normal usage.

The an allegory is the the professor gives something, and also the students accept it, which is straightforward in any type of educational context.

On the other hand, girlfriend didn"t carry out any examples, therefore I expect it"s feasible that your students can use the expression give an exam to refer to what the student does, quite than what the professor go (i.e. setting, composing, or presenting an exam). This intake would it is in decidedly strange in American, and potentially confusing.

"Ugly", on the other hand, is a personal esthetic judgement; my experience is that an individual judgements of beauty and also its opposite differ enormously, and have naught to execute with language per se.


We all have our likes and dislikes around language, Pandey. We’re licensed has been granted to them and we’re entitled to refer them. What we’re no entitled to perform is to insurance claim that our preferences represent the just acceptable forms of the language. comes in many, numerous varieties. Indian is one them and also your experience suggests there are varieties within Indian itself. I have actually not heard one of two people of the terms you mention, yet then ns live in the UK wherein the normal British expression is take one exam or sit an exam. There is nothing fundamentally ‘ugly’ around give an exam and also I suspect your aversion to it is based upon nothing more than the reality that it is not used in the component of India where, i assume, friend live.

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When you say the you space "taking" one exam, it means that you are going to be composing one. In other words, you space going to be a candidate, an examinee. When you say that you room going to it is in "giving" one exam, it method that you space going to offer someone else an exam; you space the examiner. Friend are probably a teacher and you room going to give your student an exam. In India, this distinction is not always maintained.


No i guess ,it need to be "take one exam".Students "take a test/exam", whereas a teacher/examiner provides an test .This is quite typical in India,and this is what would typically be supplied in India,but what we always say doesn"t constantly mean that"s the means they are spoken by the natives. Even my teacher says: You"re walking to offer an check tomorrow.(though we together students are an alleged to take the test and not offer one;))

it is generally said that there is nothing dorn or appropriate in language. However we have to somewhere monitor the conventional of that certain language. So acquisition exam is the project of a student and giving exam is the task of a teacher......

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