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Hi everybody, brand-new to this forum and brand-new to this site. Recently bought a 96 intruder 1400 and it ran great! Then, it was cold right here so it sat around 2 weeks. Go to start it, starts and idles great, then when offered fuel the died. Well, it come out that this, and last night ns rode for around 20 mins approximately town. Ran great. Today, walk to ride and it proper starts, needs complete choke to remain running, and also throttles therefore far, climate bogs down and dies. So i cleaned out fuel pump, charged up the battery again and also shazam the damn thing starts and also runs good. I took turn off on a check ride, got around 1.5 miles away and also it starts bogging down again, and also eventually dies. Had actually to press the thing all the method back home. Any ideas? poor fuel pump? Stator? Voltage regulator?

Welcome to the forum.The 1996 Intruder 1400 does not have actually a fuel pump. Fuel is supplied to the front and also rear carburetors through a vacuum activate fuel petcock. The symptoms you space describing can be anything indigenous a vacuum leak in among the hoses leading to the carbs, or a problem with one or both carbohydrate themselves. Being a 20 year old bike, ns would start by replacing every the fuel lines from the tank come the carbs and work from there. The hoses space cheap and you deserve to use the mass stuff from the auto-parts store.
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Others have discovered "gunk" in ~ the petcock. I think I review that there is favor a display there that might be getting clogged. If I"m wrong, someone will let friend know. The fuel hoses have to be replaced anyway since of rubber deterioration.

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Take a great look in the fuel tank could have debris floating around then making its means to the petcock and also then every one of a sudden no fuel flowing.
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