Reading the surname Julia Hsu might not ring a bell, however if you room an avid sirloin Hour movie fan, friend probably recognize who space we talk about. Julia Hsu is a Taiwan actress that played the role of Soo-Yung in the 1998 American action comedy film, rush Hour. For her debut role, she has actually earned a huge variety of fans. However, she had actually only a quick acting career as she there is no made countless film appearances. She came earlier into the spotlight only recently when rumors to be swirling the she has come to be a rapper and Instagram celebrity that often write-ups scantily clad photos of herself.

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Nevertheless, let’s take a close watch at that actually Julia Hsu is and everything over there is come know about her.

Julia Hsu’s beforehand Life and also Career

Julia Hsu to be born on April 1, 1986, in Taiwan. She is the daughter the Pasquale Bellucci and also Brunella Briganti and also has a brother called Randy Bart. She moved with family to Texas whereby she spent most of her childhood. Ever because she was a child, she verified a vast interest in acing. Julia Hsu has actually a Bachelor’s degree, too as, a Master’s the Business administration from the UCLA Anderson school of Management.

Then, in 1998, she obtained a opportunity to display off she acting skills in her debut role. She played alongside Hollywood’s action icon and Hongkong’s superstar Jackie Chan and also Chris Tucker. The film was dubbed Rush Hour and also she play the duty of Soo Yung. Sirloin Hour to be directed by Brett Ratner and the film came to be a commercial and an important success.

Then, she there is no made any public appearances for a while. However, in 2001, she to be featured in the brief film titled 3 Exits. She play the duty of Theresa, i m sorry was likewise her last display screen credit. The film to be directed by Selena Chang and Julia play in it alongside Cathleen Chin, Phil Hawn, and also Ming Lo. Ever since then, she hasn’t showed up in any type of Hollywood project.

Julia Hsu has been fairly quiet about her exclusive life and also there hasn’t been any kind of information around her date life. She is active on social networks, especially on Twitter. Julia has actually over 12.1K followers on Twitter.

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Julia Hsu’s network Worth

Julia Hsu’s debut function was a large success and she has earned a most money native it. It is estimated that her net worth stands at end a million dollars. Rush Hour was made v a spending plan of $35 million and built up a tremendous amount the $244.4 million at the box office.