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Want come sound smooth, dude? It’s simple. Enlist the services of the illest literature figure: assonance.



Definition: The repetition of collection sounds in words that room close together.HINT: words assonance has assonance because the two “a”s make the same sound.

Why Writers usage it: Connecting vowel sounds creates internal rhyme. It provides the words flow together, and can help make phrases more memorable. It’s very popular among rappers and lyricists, and also you’ll be much more likely to find it in poetry quite than prose. You can uncover it in pretty much any type of (good) song. And, as noted, it will certainly make friend sound smooth. Assonance is also known together a “slant rhyme.” Read much more about exactly how to usage slant rhymes in lab here.

Examples that Assonance in Hip-Hop

“My rhymes acid and also yours asinine.”-Cassidy

“Every minute castle in it, don’t require every illiterate ignorant critical dissed it…” -R.A. The rugged Man

“I bomb atomically—Socrates’ philosophies and also hypotheses can’t define how i bedroppin’ these mockeries.”-Inspectah Deck

“Deadin the middle of littleItaly, little did we recognize that we riddled 2 middle guys who didn’t carry out diddily.”-Big Pun

“For every the fellows and ladies,I’m that 80‘s baby,With a far better rating than Tom Brady,A brainiac top top the track, that’s crazy.”–September 23, 2011 main in Rap

“I can feel the wind whipping previous my face.

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As we dance the night away”-Beyonce’s latest hit, Love on Top, is filled through assonance:

Assonance in Shakespeare & other Poetry

Is crimson in her lips and also in your cheeks.”–Romeo and also Juliet

“On a proud round cloud in white high night”-e.e. Cummings

“the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain”-“The Raven” through Edgar Allan Poe

Presidents Love Assonance

Some the the most memorable speeches in American background feature assonance. Coincidence?

“Four score and seven year ago…”-Abraham Lincoln

“We pick to go to the moon.”-John F. Kennedy (You really need to watch this decided to evaluate the strength of assonance here…the video clip is queued as much as the right spot.)

“Tonight, we gather come affirm the greatness of our Nation — not since of the height of our skyscrapers…”– Barack Obama 2004 Speech

Assonance in Advertising. The sticks.

“Think Different”-Apple

“It beeps… together it sweeps… together it cleans!”-Old Hoover Vacuum ad

“Finger lickin’ good”-KFC

Silly Rabbit, Trix room for kids!– Trix Cereal

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