Texas is a state located in the South main region that the United claims of America, vice versa, Scotland is a country that is part of the united Kingdom. This particular day in this article, we will discuss the comparison in between the U.S. State Texas and Scotland country regarding various aspects.

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Is Texas bigger than Scotland?The full area of Texas is 268,596 sq mi, and the complete area of Scotland is 30,090 sq mi. Texas is bigger than Scotland by 238,506 sq mi. Texas is around 8.9 times bigger than Scotland.Area of Texas: 268,596 sq mi ( 695,662 km2 )

Area the Scotland: 30,090 sq mi ( 77,933 km2 )


According come the United says Census bureau data, the total populace of Texas together of 2019 was approximated to be around 29 Million.

Based on the data indigenous Eurostat, the populace of Scotland estimated as of 2019 was 5.454 Million.
Here is some much more data comparison between Texas and also Scotland.The resources city that Texas is Austin,
and the resources city that Scotland is Edinburgh.

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Official LanguagesTexas: No official language, however English is the primary spoken language.Scotland: English, Scots, Scottish GaelicHuman advancement IndexHDI of Texas as of 2018: 0.909HDI of Scotland together of 2019: 0.913
Texas Timezone:UTC − 6 (Central Time Zone)UTC − 7 (Mountain Time Zone)Summer (DST):UTC − 5 (Central Daylight Time)UTC − 6 (Mountain Daylight Time)
Coordinates of Texas:31° 28′ 32.52″ N, 99° 19′ 52.32″ WCoordinates that Scotland:56.4907° N, 4.2026° WYou may likewise like come read:
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