What is the term for a tune that has had actually its music removed? the is, a track that originally had actually vocals and also instruments, but now just has vocals?

(I recognize that term for the train station case, i.e. A tune where vocals have actually been removed and just the tools remain. That one is referred to as "karaoke". I require a term the I can google for software program to remove instruments from a song)



Even despite a cappcharline-picon.coma is technically correct, ns think the ax you"re really looking for is vocals.

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If you"re make the efforts to isolation the vocal track from the important tracks the a track (which i think is what you"re doing), the result can be called: an diverted vocal track.

You can use these terms: isolated vocals, isolated vocal tracks, vocal track, vocal only songs, together a search term on most audio/video web page on the web.


a cappcharline-picon.coma

(With referral to choral music) sung without instrumental accompaniment:


This doesn"t necessarily catch the had it"s music removed part of her question. There could be a technical term because that isolating vocals indigenous a tune in one audio software application application, yet I don"t think there is any type of term in general use.


(Of music) performed on instruments, v no vocals: a largely instrumental piece

This is a more accurate term 보다 karaoke as soon as describing a music without vocals. Karaoke implies a pre-recorded backing monitor that’s provided as one accompaniment for singing.

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It"s most likely an a cappcharline-picon.coma song.

A summary over here:


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Actually, "karaoke" is the term because that the action of singing badly over an instruments-only track, frequently inebriated...not for the monitor itself.

In the media world, particularly in the human being of music mixing, it"s common to be asked to do a "music-minus" track, i m sorry is taken to it is in the backing tracks combined with the vocals muted. Usual use of this "music-minus" tracks is for tv performances, wherein the singer will certainly be to sing live versus the backing tracks. One more common use is as soon as the vocal will certainly be dubbed in a various language.

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