Why Exes Don't Like gifts From Exes

Some important dos and don'ts.

posted March 13, 2011 | reviewed by Jessica Schrader

When my friend Barbara gained flowers from she ex this past Valentine"s Day, she witnessed red—but not since of the roses he"d sent. She was made furious through what she ex probably thought was a lover sweet gesture—a peace-offering.

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Given the he had good intentions, why wouldn"t she see it that way? Well, for one, their marriage imploded as soon as his affair to be accidentally uncovered and, guess: v what? She"s still hurt and also angry.

Barbara felt that her ex was vying for her forgiveness and also it felt manipulative ~ above his component to offer her a gift. She wasn"t having any kind of of it and also it would take a lot much more than a ostrich of flowers to gain him off the hook—or to even open the door to that possibility.

Another woman told me she husband sent her a knife holder in the shape of a man, together with a keep in mind telling she he knew she"d reap thinking the him when she was utilizing the knives. Humor choose that may have actually been how they related in your marriage, yet she was not amused. In fact, this jokey present enraged her.

In an additional case, an ex-wife sent out her husband what she assumed was a sweet card telling him that why she had actually to leave and explaining why it would all be because that the finest for everyone. It to be not obtained well. In fact, he shed it within secs of reading it and never responded.

The recently divorced mrs who got earrings from her ex ~ above her birthday promptly take it the earrings come the save where he bought them, cashed them in, and also laughed every the way to the bank.

Of course, the on purpose of giving such presents is to prolong an olive branch, share a chuckle or soften the various other person"s pain. However, for those ~ above the receiving end, the presents come off as self-serving "please-forgive-me" gestures and they only serve to drive a depth wedge between you and your ex.

Who Can offer Divorce Gifts

Divorce celebrations space an increasingly popular phenomenon, as are divorce gifts and cards. Dozens of websites have popped up selling everything from wedding ring coffins, to ex-husband voodoo dolls, phony alimony check to her from him and to the from her, come ex toilet paper, to cacao bars come T-shirts. You name it, it"s the end there. Or it will certainly be soon.

But no everyone going with a divorce wants to "celebrate." because that many, the end of their marital relationship is the saddest job of your life and also the many devastating transition they will ever before endure.

Call me Emily short article of marital dissolution, yet these divorce gifts were not supposed for world to offer to their exes. In fact, one of the worst points you can do after your divorce is offer your ex-spouse a gift or a card. They hate it and they don"t uncover it funny. Specifically if you to be the one who left.

The gifts and also gags were designed because that friends to give to girlfriend so you have the right to hate her ex together. Obtaining a gift indigenous "the enemy" will backfire every time.

My best advice is carry out not give presents to your ex. Period. However, if girlfriend must give a gift, below are some things to think about.

If her ex is quiet upset around the divorce, nothing you do have the right to make the better. A gift will certainly not obtain you off the hook—it will certainly feel like salt in the wound.Your ex will more than likely not feel the warm fuzzies you hoped he would, so—even if you are on so-so terms—it"s probably ideal to skip that (see #4).Timing is everything—but recognize that the timing might never it is in right.


Susan Pease Gadoua, L.C.S.W.

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, is the writer of Contemplating Divorce and the co-author of The new I Do.




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