Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and also exciting and even an ext so in a new language!There are different ways to say ‘I love you’ depending upon the situation. Make sure you use the ideal one.

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If you desire to know just how to speak ‘I love you’ and also other romantic phrases in Greek, then check out on.

How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Greek

To call someone that you love them in Greek, say:EnglishGreekPronunciationI love youΣε αγαπώSe agapo
This expression is generally abbreviated to:

EnglishGreekPronunciationI love youΣ’ αγαπώS’agapo

If you addressing much more than one person, then use the listed below version instead. Friend can additionally use this version if you desire to sound more formal as soon as speaking come one person:EnglishGreekPronunciationI love friend (to many people)Σας αγαπώSas agapo
Check the end the below video clip to listen the together of ‘I love you’:

How numerous Ways have the right to You to speak ‘Love’ In Greek?

There space actually many different words used to speak ‘love’ in Greek. Castle all suggest a different form of love. These room the many common:

Αγάπη (A-gah-pee) shows an unconditional love between two people, such together a couple.Φιλία (Fee-iee-ah) is offered to explain a brotherly love, or the love between two friends.Ερως (Eh-ros) is supplied to explain a sensual kind of love. Eros (also well-known as Cupid in other countries) is the god the love in mythology.Στοργή (Stor-ghee) denotes a household love or instinctive love, favor the love a parent has for their children.

Romantic paragraph in Greek

Try these other romantic phrases and terms of endearment including exactly how to speak ‘I miss out on you’ in Greek.

EnglishGreekPronunciationI love friend so muchΣ ‘αγαπώ τόσο πολύS’agapo toso pol-eeI love you tooκι εγω σε αγαπωKi ego se agapoI to be in love through youΕίμαι ερωτευμένος μαζί σουIme erotevmenos mazi suI miss youΜου λείπειςMoo leepeesI miss you tooκι εμένα μου λείπειςKi emena moo leepeesMy loveΑγάπη μουAgapi muMy heartH καρδιά μουEe kard-ee-a mooMy lifeΖωή μουZoee mooYou space beautifulΕίσαι τόσο όμορφος Ise toso omorfosMy darlingΑγάπη μουAgapi mooSweetheartΑγαπημένοςAgapimenosI choose youMου αρέσειςMoo ar-eh-seesYou average so lot to meΣημαίνεις τόσα πολλά για μέναSimenis tosa pola ya menaI’ve acquired a to like on youΈχω καψούρα μαζί σουEho kapsura mazi su
These phrases should come in handy whether you’ve gained a love interest from greece or Cyprus or even if it is you’re just visiting and want to be prepared. Why not likewise learn just how to say ‘how space you?’ in Greek? You’ll need this essential phrase in lots of various situations.Related posts:
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