lucky for you we"ve gained a great selection that gifts and cards for the dads and also grads in her life too.

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vintage bowties, cufflinks, tie clips, cameras, books, clothing, and more, PLUS brand-new gifts and also cards throughout the shop the your dad or grad will love! (manly books around man stuff choose chopping wood and making beer and cocktails, actors iron bottle openers, beer mugs, cards, and also more!)


how to break-up wood book: $24.95 each

complete beer food book: $24.95 each

cocktail hour book: $22 each 


cast iron cost-free beer sign: $21 each

cast iron bulldog & whale party openers: $22 each

cast stole fish bottle opener: $24 each

vintage fishing floats: $21 each

vintage readjust pouch: $62

vintage fountain pen: $35


father"s day cards from zeichen press: $5.50 every (more room on the way!)


vintage animal leather collegiate tobacco patches: $12 each


vintage bowties: $24 each


 more good cards indigenous zeichen press!


vintage cufflinks: $35 /pair

(we also have some in the shop for simply $10 every pair!)


whether you"re shopping because that a dad or a grad this month, we"ve gained you covered... We"ll aid you find a gift that"s just right, and also we"ll plunder it at no extra charge! 

so prevent by the shop, seize what you need for the peeps friend love, and take a cookie for the road...

see you soon.





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About The Shop

Searching for the perfect gift? Antiquing in the Hudson Valley? We"ve gained just what girlfriend need!

Pretty Funny Vintage is located in a beautiful 1890’s victor at 80 south Broadway in the picturesque village of Tarrytown, NY... Set on the financial institutions of the Hudson River.

Our shop features hand-picked vintage finds in furniture, lighting, textiles, jewelry and clothing, as well together a totality slew of new-fangled curious goods. And we"ve gone to it for an ext than 25 years.

For us, the best component of the project is the hunt – that"s why we"re constantly taking roadway trips up and also down the East shore in find of comfortable, casual and slightly off-beat antiques.

In the last couple of years we"ve added a new twist – we"re not just about vintage anymore. We now function a heat of brand-new gifts and also decorative wares from approximately the world. Whether new or old, our well-curated inventory always shares an artistic edge and also an individual viewpoint.

So, if you find yourself in our neighborhood, stop right into the shop. We"re sure you"ll be influenced by our ever-changing inventory set on 2 floors of fun. If friend can"t make it in, inspect out our online store.

Now it"s simpler than ever to shop through us . . . 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!



About The Owner

Owner, Stephanie Leggio knows what the takes to save her clientele happy. V over two years of mirroring in NYC antique shows, along with weekly trips up and also down the east shore scouring because that goods, Stephanie has actually perfected the arts of blending excitement because that the off-beat with the lull of wonderfully-loved antiques.

Her time spent researching and building sets for the theater is reflect in she merchandising, which is much more akin to set design than the common stocking that shelves. She clientele perform of set designers and prop masters has resulted in the shop’s pieces showing up in lot of movies and also television productions.

Adding contemporary pieces the compliment the flow inventory the antiques was a organic evolution. Through two floors of ever-changing vignettes, the shop currently carries a durable mixture that old and new, every painstakingly picked and also displayed by Stephanie. The solution to this brand-new addition has actually been outstanding.

Stop in because that a visit, check out our brand-new finds and then head the end to uncover Tarrytown and also Sleepy Hollow. Just minutes far to many shops, restaurants, galleries and historic sites.

Have a question? Send us an email stephanie or give us a ring in ~ 914-631-3368.


See you in ~ the shop…



Phone: 914-631-3368

 We’ll be CLOSED because that Sunday, July 4th. Have fun & remain safe!


We’re open up from 11am-5pm top top Wednesday & Thursday,

and from 11am-6pm ~ above Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Masks the cover her nose and also mouth are required for all in-store visitors.

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We"re also offering "local pickup" together a shipping option on our website now, because that anyone who can want to avoid the extra charges of mailing your order.


We are situated at 80 southern Broadway, Tarrytown NY, 10591. 



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