As a general cooking method, grilling is a good way of prepare food without adding fat," states David Seres, MD, director of clinical nutrition in ~ Columbia university Medical center in new York. "As lengthy as girlfriend skip the butter, friend don"t have to worry around having too lot corn."Let"s start with the classic cookout icon: the burger. Eating one is difficult to resist, but since you"re more than likely going to include cheese and also a bun, you need to at least shot for leaner cut to save your PointsPlus worths under control. "If you"re looking for a great meaty chew with many fewer calories than the actual thing," claims Seres, "a portobello mushroom brushed through a small Italian dressing is fantastic."Pick her patty:

Patty form Size PointsPlus value
Regular ground beef 3 oz 5
Lean ground beef 3 oz 3
Regular ground turkey or chicken 3 oz 5
Lean ground turkey or chicken 3 oz 4
Soy burger 3 oz 3
Portobello mushroom 3 oz 0
Bison burger 3 oz 5

The fowl emphasis of grilling is to save it simple. Friend probably currently know the skinless is a much better option. V skin, a piece of chicken gains roughly 1 PointsPlus value, depending upon its size. Sauce it up through a dollop of love husband mustard, if you like; it won"t cost you.

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Choose your chicken:

Chicken size PointsPlus worth
Breast, boneless and also skinless 3 oz 3
Drumstick, boneless and also skinless 3 oz 1
Drumstick, v skin and also bone 3 oz 2
Thigh, with skin and bone 3 oz 4

Once you"ve stoked your coals to perfection, odds space you"re all set for part red meat. Rather of a heavy slab, opt because that the encourage serving size of 3 ounces. "Your grocer or butcher should be may be to assist you to number out which cuts are reduced in fat and also give you a primer on just how to shop for leaner meats," says Seres. Go through a healthy cut and also make it much more savory through the bite. To brush a steak through sauces and marinades, as long as they"re not too creamy or oily, adds loads of taste and little to no PointsPlus values.

Man up with meat: Steak dimension PointsPlus worth
Filet mignon 3 oz 7
Trimmed filet mignon 3 oz 4
Porterhouse 3 oz 7
Trimmed porterhouse 3 oz 6
Sirloin 3 oz 5
Trimmed sirloin 3 oz 3
Lean flank steak 3 oz 4
T-bone 3 oz 7
Trimmed T-bone 3 oz 5

If you"re interested in offering seafood a spin, examine out ours marine-life breakdown.

Succulent seafood:
Fish dimension PointsPlus value
Shark steak 4 oz 5
Snapper fillet 4 oz 5
Salmon steak 4 oz 7
Swordfish Steak 4 oz 6
Tilapia 4 oz 2
Tuna steak 4 oz 5
Shrimp 4 oz 2
Scallop 4 oz 3

Keep you yourself honestPresumably, the cookout is walking to be your large meal because that the day. Here"s a realistic script to aid you understand just how your PointsPlus worths can include up to a reasonable total. Have actually a lean-ground-beef citizens on a whole-wheat bun through a part of fat-free American, and also it"s only 6 PointsPlus values. Add a chicken drumstick garnished through a irradiate sauce selection, and there"s an additional 5. If there"s a ring two, switch points up v a jug snapper fillet, and pile on part juicy grilled veggies. That renders for a grill-fest the rings in in ~ a respectable 17 PointsPlus values. Plan on being hungry because that more? Make the decision forward and set aside the extra room in your everyday PointsPlus Target and also weekly PointsPlus Allowances.

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Sit and savorDon"t permit yourself acquire distracted. Sure, all your friends are around and there room a many conversations and tasks going on, however the an ext you emphasis on her plate, the much less likely you"ll it is in to overeat. "It"s straightforward to lose track of exactly how much you"re eat at a cookout if you"re focusing a many on the socializing fairly than the food," Seres says. "Instead that walking around with a full plate talk to people, discover a pretty quiet place to sit under so you have the right to really concentrate on the taste of the food."

Don"t beat yourself upWe all understand that food preparation out, specifically for a holiday, way you"re not likely to plot all her PointsPlus values and also calculate everything correctly. You can even walk over your daily PointsPlus Target. However don"t gain down top top yourself. Just like a baseball season, weight loss can be a lengthy haul, building momentum together you walk along. And also hey, you might not hoist the World series trophy in the end, yet being healthier, leaner and much more fit is worth an ext than a pile of metal.