We offer expert, compassionate care for adult and teenagers with eating and co-occurring disorders.

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Eating Disorder treatment Centers

We offer expert, compassionate care for adults and teens with eating and also co-occurring disorders.

Innovative eat Disorder Programs

Offering Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization and also Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Holistic eat disorder treatment

Healing the mind, body, and also spirit.

Because eating disorders are so complex and oftentimes exist together co-occurring disorders, they call for tailored program to properly treat all facets of the self—the body, mind, and also spirit. Treatment for eating obstacle involve psychological counseling, psychotherapy, medical care, nutritional therapy, and relapse avoidance for substantial recovery that lasts. In enhancement to providing outstanding medical attention and also therapy for eating disorder treatment, Rosewood"s eating disorder facility proudly offers plenty of holistic therapy therapies such together yoga, meditation, art therapy, horse therapy, life skills training, and more. Each individualized eat disorder regime is listed by an expert multidisciplinary team including a psychiatrist, physician, registered dietician, parenting staff, and also a master’s level eating disorder therapist.


A personalized technique to eating disorder treatment.

We assist individuals of every ages and also genders in ~ our eat disorder therapy programs, dealing with all v respect and also compassion. Our treatment teams gain to recognize clients as a person and also develop an individualized eat disorder recovery plan based top top youtheir needs. We deal with the following problems and resolve any underlying issues that might have contributed to the advance of an eat disorder:

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All levels of treatment for eat Disorder Treatment:

Rosewood’s treatment facility for eat disorders offers a an extensive continuum that care, consisting of a license is granted inpatient facility with 24-hour clinical supervision come stabilize and treat the many severe eat disorder cases.

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Specialized treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders.

Eating obstacle can current with existing co-occurring gift such together depression, anxiety, problem abuse, trauma or more. Our multidisciplinary team at our eating disorder treatment facilities diagnose and treat this presentations.

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Inpatient eat Disorder Treatment

For adult and teens of every Genders

Rosewood has actually an Inpatient hospital routine is for those that require clinical stabilization, detox, 24-hour monitoring and other acute care services in a licensed hospital setting.



We are In-Network with most Insurance Plans

Preferred Provider with: Aetna, Cigna, Optum, Blue cross Blue Shield, Beacon health and wellness Options, an initial Health Network, Magellan, MultiPlan, Kaiser, unified Healthcare and more.

These are simply some the the insurance suppliers we work with. Contact us in ~ (800) 845-2211 come verify her coverage and also learn an ext about your eating disorder treatment options.

At Rosewood we uphold the released standards come treat diabetes in a person with an eat disorder including use of modern insulin regimens, suitable specialty consultation and services that a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Lifelong restore & support

We"ll it is in there for you, also after therapy ends.

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Our patients advantage from real fellowship and connectedness, wherein they can interact in a for sure environment. With ongoing encouragement during their eating disorder recovery, we aid our alumni sustain their health and recovery v aftercare, assistance groups, a yearly reunion and also a selection of other activities.