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Among the many iconic themes in the WWE right currently is the of Randy Orton. Therefore what is this tune that plays together Randy Orton beginning the ring, that sings it, and what are its lyrics?

The Randy Orton design template is called “Voices,” and also it’s through the bandRev Theory.

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According to Bleacher Report, Rev concept wrote the track specifically because that Orton come use.Rich Luzzi, the command singer that Rev Theory, actually traveled roughly with Randy Orton for a week before writing the song, and the text were intended to reflect that Orton is as a character. Luzzi says he wanted to get into the mindsetof “a killer who had actually no manage over his action or environment.”

The tune was written and also recorded in 2008, and also it has actually been supplied as Randy Orton’s theme ever since that time. Orton’s previous layout was“This Fire Burns” through Killswitch Engage, and also before that, that was“Burn in my Light” through Mercy Drive,“Line in the Sand” by Motörhead,“Evolve” through Jim Johnston, and also “Blasting” by Jim Johnston.

“Voices” is so popular that it to be the title track on the albumVoices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9, which to be released in 2009.

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Rev Theory has actually done lot of of other occupational with the WWE. They also provided the theme song forWrestlemania 24,WWE One Night Stand,Extreme rule 2011, and also the WWE Network showBreaking Ground. In ~ WrestleMania 30, they performed Randy Orton’s template “Voices” live.

So what are the text to the song, and also what carry out they say about Orton’s character? take it a closer look in ~ the text to “Voices” below:

I hear voices in mine head,They board of directors meThey understandThey talk to me

You gained your rules and your religionAll designed to keep you safeBut once rules start getting brokenYou start questioning your faith

I have a voice the is my saviorHates come love and loves come hateI have a voice that has actually the knowledgeAnd the strength to preeminence your fate

I hear voices cryingI see heroes dyingI taste blood that’s dryingI feel anxiety rising

I listen voices in my headThey council meThey understandThey talk to meThey speak to me

They tell me things that I will certainly doThey present me things I’ll do to youThey speak to meThey talk to me

All the lawyers space defenselessAll the physicians are diseaseAnd the preachers’ space the sinnersAnd police simply take the grease

All girlfriend judges you room guiltyAll the bosses I will fireAll her bankers will have actually lossesPoliticians space all the liars

I see darkness fallingI hear voices callingI feeling justice crawlingI see belief has fallen

I listen voices in my headThey council come meThey understandThey speak to meThey talk to me

They phone call me points that I will certainly doThey display me things I’ll perform to youThey speak to me

I listen voices cryingI view heroes dyingI taste blood that’s dryingI feel anxiety rising

I listen voices in mine headThey the supervisory board meThey understandThey talk to meThey speak to me

They call me points that I will doThey show me points I’ll perform to youThey talk to meThey talk to me