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Worksheet: Writing and also Identifying Equations surname __________________

CHEMISTRY: A study of matter 2004, GPB


Directions: a) Write balanced equations for the adhering to word equations. B) In the empty to the left the the equation, call if the equation is

synthesis (S), decomposition (D), combustion (C), solitary replacement (SR), or twin replacement (DR).

1. _____ potassium chloride + silver nitrate yields potassium nitrate + silver

chloride 2. _____ iron metal + copper (II) sulfate returns iron (II) sulfate + copper steel 3. _____ salt chlorate yields sodium chloride + oxygen gas 4. _____ salt bicarbonate returns sodium carbonate + carbon dioxide + water 5. _____ beryllium fluoride + magnesium yields magnesium fluoride + beryllium 6. _____ aluminum sulfate + barium chloride returns aluminum chloride + barium

sulfate 7. _____ zinc steel + oxygen gas returns zinc oxide 8. _____ ethane + oxygen gas yields carbon dioxide and water


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