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I have an 05 Polaris XP ns bought supplied with 34 hours. It was to run fine, yet recently started having actually fuel pickup concerns at full throttle on hill climbs. The dealer fee me $300 for work-related on the throttle, but the difficulty stayed. Lengthy story short, the 30 micron in-tank filter is disintegrating and plugging the interior fuel pump. I cleaned the end the tank and also pulled the filter i beg your pardon is removable. I just referred to as the dealer to get a replacement and also found they will just sell me a brand-new tank with fuel pump because that $500. This is amazingly stupid as the fuel pump functions fine and also the tank is currently clean and also in perfect shape. Anyone recognize where I deserve to buy a replacement 30 micron filter?Thanks,Ken
Have you checked v your regional auto components store? They often have generic inline fuel filter at low cost, and that would more than likely be the best method to go.
Thanks, Russ. The trouble is that the in-tank filter is attached come the bottom of the fuel pump. It protects the intake screen on the bottom that the fuel pump and also has a plastic intake the is about 2 inch long. There is no the Polaris filter, ns would shed the bottom 2-3 inches of the tank. The filter piece simply slides on and off, and also is a separate piece. It provides no feeling that i can"t get the filter, but that seems to it is in the case. The Polaris service manual does not give a component number. Ns am thinking about using the plastic part of the currently filter to make a brand-new screen.
Strange that your 05 is therefore much various than my 06. Top top mine the fuel pump is an installed outside the tank and also is conveniently visible as soon as the seat bottom is removed. I think the heat goes with an inline fuel filter that"s nearby (don"t have the an equipment where ns can inspect that). Climate I"m details that a metal fitting goes v the top of the fuel tank, and also a length of pipe descends from it to the bottom of the tank. Has a display thing top top the bottom end. And also I know all of those parts are obtainable separately due to the fact that my buddy has actually bought every one of them because that his 2002 Ranger, and also they match right up with the components on mine "06.
Just goto your neighborhood auto components store or small engine shop and also buy a filter. I"d never pay $500 to replace a fuel filter. This ATV shops rape human being on repairs, its finest to know a tiny mechanical ingredient yourself and also avoid the dealers at every costs, castle won"t carry out anything but empty your wallet and also still not settle the problem in most cases. They just want her money, most could care less around actually resolving the difficulty the right way, frequently times they"ll jerry rig something with each other to gain you out the door learning you"ll come back again and again.
I speak to the regional Polaris company department today and also they shown that you can only purchase the entire package for about $600. The guy did tell me to walk to napa for a fuel pump replacement yet wasn"t certain if that came through the fuel filter. I may make miscellaneous myself, but the filter is pretty specific to mine Ranger. That looks favor a 1/2 inch diameter tube, two inches long and attached come a rectangular filter pad with a screen approximately it. Both the screen and the foam within have broken down and also are clogging the display screen to the fuel pump. Polaris would not give me a part number so I will be checking with napa. I called bull$hit, and also the man sheepishly mumbled something around liability issues. What a crock. Ns love my ranger but am not terribly high on Polaris customer organization at this moment.
Ken, friend don"t need to use the same kind that filter. Just gain a screen type thing to walk on the finish of the fuel line inside her tank, and put one inline filter exterior the tank in between the tank and also the fuel pump.

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I would certainly think what Russ is saying would work simply fine, if you are worried around contaminants obtaining in the engine I"d just install an exterior fuel filter somewhere exterior the tank that"s easy to acquire to.
Thanks, guys. I already have an external filter (I believe the share one) exterior the tank. If i leave the inner tank filter off, I shed the bottom 2-3 inch of fuel as the 30 micron filter sit on the bottom of the tank and has a 1/2 customs diameter tube the is about 2 1/2 inches lengthy that runs approximately the fuel pump. I guess I have the right to tear the tube off the filter and just wrap part screen roughly it to keep out any large particles. However, it was actually the filter material, and not any tank contaminates, that was clogging the fuel pump. If i can"t discover an aftermarket filter the fits, ns will simply make do. If ns do uncover a replacement, ns will article the part numbers here.Ken

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