I freshly bought a copy that Pokémon gold variation at a car boot sale. Ns played it because that a while but then I had actually to stop, so ns saved and also then rotate the game boy off, and also took the video game out. The following day when I placed it back in my game Boy and switched that on, every my conserve data was gone and the only alternatives were New Game and Cancel.

I checked digital to see if it to be fake, yet it looked the very same as every the genuine ones. I likewise compared that to my Pokémon red which I recognize is genuine, and also all the details the the cartridge were the very same (except for colour and sticker of course) right here are some images of the comparison between the two games



Does anyone know whether this copy of gold IS fake? How have the right to I tell? Or is it simply broken?

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The memory card in game Boy gamings needs power to run. It has a tiny battery to do this as soon as it"s not in a game Boy.

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Pokemon Gold was released 15 year ago. The cartridge is really old and the battery has actually run out. This method that the memory map cannot organize data uneven it is proactively being powered (which rather defeats the suggest of saving the game).

It is possible to change the battery. Here"s a guide on just how to execute it. It"s worth noting that the form of battery the Pokemon yellow cartridge provides is a design "CR2025" battery.

If you space not comfortable with transforming the battery yourself, countless stores, especially those focused on retro or vintage video clip games, are qualified of replacing the battery because that a in the name fee

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