Like number of others, the origin of this phrase is also traced come Shakespeare. He has actually used this phrase in Act-II, Scene-II that his play, Romeo and Juliet. This step takes ar on the balcony, once Juliet says, “Sweet, so would certainly I: / however I should kill thee with lot cherishing. / great night, an excellent night! Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
Romeo and also Juliet speak to each various other the whole night, and also made a setup that Romeo would certainly send she a message the next morning about where they can get married. Here,df Juliet feeling sadness and also sorrow for saying goodbye, not learning that what is comes their way would it is in beautiful, once they would see each various other again.

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Romeo and Juliet, being lovers, space desperately wait to it is in together. This is the allude when Juliet says goodbye to she lover, Romeo, anticipating another meeting the next day. In fact, she refers to the pains they had faced due to the fact that their connection started. It harms her to leave Romeo. However, parting hurts her for this reason much, however it aggravates her feelings for him. She desire to tell him goodbye repetitively until morning comes. Simply, you deserve to understand the heat that lover hate to different from every other once they are in love.


The phrase is really commonly supplied in advertisements, and lovebirds regularly use it in their practical life. That may carry different interpretations to different people. Some use it together a verbal wistful kiss at night, if others usage it together an expression to your undying love, and also still part others might use it to to mark the nature of their relationships. Parting is painful, since a beloved prefers to catch her lover in twisted chains. Fast friends can likewise use that jokingly when they part after finishing classes.

Literary Source

Juliet says this phrase in Act-II, Scene-II the Romeo and Juliet, as soon as she components from Romeo because that a brief time at night. This step goes top top as:ROMEOI would certainly I were thy bird.JULIETSweet, so would I:Yet I must kill thee with much cherishing.Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,That i shall say great night it spins it be morrow.(Act-II, Scene-II, lines 188-189)Juliet states this line to say goodnight to her lover, Romeo. This sorrowful parting offers them pleasure and looks “sweet” as it gives them expect to see each other again the next morning.

Literary Analysis

This heat manifests the within pleasure and gladness that love that lovers experience when they meet and also part, to meet again. Juliet plainly feels the minute of sadness and also joy simultaneously. Love deserve to transcend normal experiences and expectations, such that Juliet’s feeling of sorrow turns into sweetness and also joy. To fall in love v someone is a gift. To feeling sorry once parting is a authorize of deep love that brings anticipation of another meeting, and also hence joy.This expression has come to be an iconic heat of the play. Because that instance, to enjoy the taste that food, one must experience hunger, and to be really happy, one need to experience deep sadness. The same is the instance with Juliet, as informing Romeo goodbye triggers she deep emotions; nevertheless, woe reminds she of their deep love, and also hence it is sweet. This means, saying goodbye initiates an anticipation of conference him again.

Literary Devices

Oxymoron: “Sweet sorrow” is a mix of opposite ideas of joy and pain.

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Alliteration: Alliteration is clear in “such sweet sorrow” together all three words start with a consonant sound.
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