I significant my plastic connectors with the assemblies that go intothem to do it simpler to remember.

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The plastic connectors do not brand the rafters, yet they dolabel the legs and gables

Lay the end the 6 plastic connectors so follow me the earlier you have athe leg-gable-(rafter)s in the 4 corners, and thegable-gable-(rafter)s midway between the gable-parts of thelegs.

The 3 rafter assemblies walk in the unmarked sockets, climate thegables connect the rafters, climate you put on the legs.

When i do it alone, ns put just the 1b segment right into the plasticbits, then pull the time over the brief frame, then walk approximately andmake the legs longer.

The time hooks into holes ~ above the 4s.

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Thank you! This to be the only thing that helped! the number were various on mine, and also there to be not center support.
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