In Georgia, there space very certain and strict laws around how what color emergency car lights are shown on emergency vehicles and how they room used. Follow to state statutes, room of Transportation, police department, fire department, and public utility corporation vehicles can use emergency lighting as soon as deemed appropriate by agencies at all levels. The state statutes because that each type of vehicle are described below.

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Police Lights


According come state state 40-6-6, as soon as responding come an emergent speak to or follow a suspect, police vehicles are enabled to disregard speed laws, protect against signs, and general movement legislations so long as your red lights space in use.

Fire van Lights

State statute 40-6-6 also provides leniency ~ above traffic regulations for fire room vehicles during emergent situations. Fire van are permitted to speed and go v red lights and stop indications as long as they room displaying your red lights. They are not enabled to screen lights or ignore traffic legislations when return from a fire call.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Lights

As this vehicles would be authorized fire emergency vehicles, comparable rules use for disregarding traffic regulations in one emergency as for government owned fire vehicles, every state state 40-6-6.

Ambulance Lights

State statute 40-6-6 allows for ambulances to disregard red lights, protect against signs and speed laws in enhancement to using their colored lights as soon as emergent problems require it.

Tow van Lights

Construction car Lights

Utility automobile Lights

Pilot auto Lights

Security car Lights

Special Permits

For much more information about what lights might be obtainable to you, we indicate calling your State Highway Patrol office at: 404-699-4368

*Please note that this numbers are what we are right now able to find and the numbers may have readjusted since this listing.

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Disclaimer: The emergency auto light state statute guide was produced by too much Tactical Dynamics together a guide and reference. We make no insurance claim to the accuracy or validity of this guide. This guide was created to the best of our knowledge and also has been noted to ours customers as a courtesy ONLY! The details in this guide is our translate of the legislation as we have actually read it. Us cannot be hosted responsible for any errors together this is just our translate of the law and also the legislations are continually changing. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any type of errors and also recommend that our customers describe their local authorities to confirm the certain statue the governs their use of emergency automobile lights.