Nursing Care setup for PROMPremature rupture of membranes (PROM) is the rupture that the membranes before the beginning of labour.

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Premature rupture of membranes (PROM) refers to a patient who is beyond 37 weeks" gestation and also has presented v rupture of membrane (ROM) before the beginning of labor. Preterm premature birth rupture of membrane (PPROM) is ROM before 37 weeks" gestation. Spontaneous premature birth rupture of the membrane (SPROM) is ROM after ~ or v the onset of labor. Prolonged ROM is any type of ROM that persists for more than 24 hours and also prior come the beginning of labor. Risk components for PPROM are:Smoking. Hefty cigarette smoking increases the danger of PPROM more at early on gestational age than at term.> ahead preterm delivery.Vaginal bleeding (at any time during the pregnancy).There is an association between lower genital tract infection and also PPROM.Around a 3rd of women through PPROM have positive amniotic fluid cultures.The following are the most common symptoms of PROM. However, each woman might experience symptom differently.Symptoms that PROM:leaking or a gush the watery fluid from the vaginaconstant wetness in pantiesIf you notice any symptom of PROM, be certain to speak to your doctor as shortly as possible. The symptom of PROM may resemble other medical conditions. Consult your physician for a diagnosis.Prevention of premature rupture the membranes:Unfortunately, over there is no way to proactively prevent PROM. However, this problem does have actually a strong link with cigarette smoking and also mothers must stop smoking as soon as possible.Nursing Diagnosis for Premature Rupture the Membranes1. Risk for Infection: maternalrelated to:invasive procedures,recurrent vaginal examination,amniotic membrane rupture.2. Impaired gas exchange: fetusrelated to: the existence of disease.3. Acute painrelated to: the rhythmic convulsion of uterine smooth muscle.4. Anxietyrelated to:crisis situation,threat to the mother / fetus.6. Activity intolerancerelated to: muscle hypersensitivity.

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