NICOLE Scherzinger maintained fans guessing v a photo where she looked as with Kim Kardashian.

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The Pussycat Dolls singer, 43, bore much more than a passing resemblance to the keeping Up with The Kardashians star, 40, in her latest glam selfie.


Nicole Scherzinger kept fans guessing with a photograph where she looked just like Kim KardashianCredit: instagram

The Pussycat Dolls singer, 43, bore much more than a passing resemblance to the KUWTK star (pictured)Credit: instagram

Nicole opted because that Kim's signature assembly look through smoky eyes and nude lips together she do in a white toweling robe.

She styled her hair in a Kardashian-esque do, through two strands framing her confront from a middle parting and also the rest of she locks slicked back.

Kim has actually been checked out rocking the same '90s watch in several sultry self she's common on her own social media feed previously this year.

Nicole thanked her glam team for developing her striking look, captioning the photo: "Behind every solid woman that’s glammed up, is an even stronger teamed of wildly talented assembly artists, hair stylists and also stylists.

"Thank you for making me watch my finest even on work I might not feel it."


Fans couldn't withstand remarking on the similarity, v one writing: "You look at so lot like Kim here!" while another added: "Kim K vibes."

Nicole is ago in the united state after jetting ~ above vacation with her British boyfriend Thom Evans, 36.

Their idyllic tour contained stops in Lake Como, Greece, Monaco and Portugal.

Last month, the pair celebrated her date of birth in one exclusive point out in Mykonos.

Kim, meanwhile, has actually been busy fostering her SKIMS line amid her divorce from Kanye West.

KIMYE ON an excellent TERMS

The exes appear to it is in on an excellent terms in ~ the moment, especially as they to be seen spending time together backstage at Kanye's Donda occasion last month.

The hitmaker's upcoming 10th album will certainly touch ~ above his failed marital relationship to the E! star.

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An insider formerly told E! News: "Kanye did write a song about Kim and also their marriage and Kim offered her input around it.

"He to be respectful and gave her the top up, and also did not desire to blindside her."



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