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There"s some things we don"t talk about Rather carry out withoutAnd just organize the smileFalling in and also out of loveSame cursed problemTogether every the whileYou deserve to never to speak neverWhy we don"t know whenTime and time againYounger currently than us were beforeDon"t let me goDon"t allow me goDon"t permit me goPicture you"re the queen of everythingAs much as the eye can seeUnder her commandI will certainly be her guardianWhen every is crumblingSteady her handsYou can never speak neverWhy we don"t recognize whenTime, time and time againYounger currently then us were beforeDon"t allow me goDon"t let me goDon"t allow me goWe"re pulling apart and also coming with each other again and also againWe"re growing apart yet we traction it together, pull it together, with each other againDon"t permit me goDon"t permit me goDon"t permit me go
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