The Princess and also the Pea is just one of those fairy tales, favor many, that make you walk “…What?” it’s a strange and also short tale, and one that, seemingly, doesn’t have any kind of substance in ~ all. But if we research it closely, there are, actually, a couple of moral takeaways.

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The story starts v a Prince who desires to marry a Princess (both with funding P’s ‘cause it is Important). However not just any Princess. Oh no, he requirements a real Princess. That searches the people over because that one yet has no luck in ~ all.

Then, lo and also behold, one concerns him, knocking top top the castle door in a rainstorm…with no explanation why a Princess is in the center of a rainstorm through herself. However hey! that a Princess…or is it? The old Queen no so sure, and so she takes that upon it s her to privately test the girl. She places a pea top top the bedframe and also then piles twenty mattresses and also twenty much more feather pillows on top of those. (One would certainly think the pea would certainly be crushed come nothing after all that, yet I digress.)

I do wonder what was running through the Princess’s mind once she was lugged to a room with a bed of twenty mattresses. Probably she simply thought this royal family members was really hospitable. Either way, the following morning lock inquired just how the Princess slept.

“I scarcely slept at all,” she said, and also proceeded to define that she to be black and blue all over.

Instead the thinking, “Wow. She’s no a an extremely gracious guest.” The royal household was choose “Sweet! you passed the test! Oh, by the way, we were trial and error you in secret. Together your prize, you gain to get married the Prince whom you don’t also know. Hurray!”

The end.

Yeppp. It is the story. (With perhaps a fewww embellishments.) So…what the pumpernickel? just how does feeling a PEA under twenty mattresses do you a “real Princess”? wherein did the Queen also get this idea? and also who IS this Princess who had the capacity to feel the pea? (I feel favor she had to have had magical powers.)

Most fairy tales were intended to teach a ethical in some kind or fashion. But this one appears farfetched. Countless scholars have examined it and thrown the end their very own speculations.

The most common belief is the Hans Christian Andersen meant it to poke a little fun in ~ nobles because that being over-sensitive, high demanding individuals, illustrating that other as tiny as a pea under your mattress would placed them the end of sorts. Others take it a kinder look at it and claim the Princess’s physical sensitivity was a an allegory that she would be perceptible to others and also rule the kingdom well—thus being a “real” princess. I rather favor that outlook.

But I also think there room a few other takeaways together well.

A small Thing deserve to Make a significant Difference

I’ve discussed before that so plenty of fairy tales display how one seemingly insignificant person deserve to make a human being of difference. This one takes a slightly various route, in that it’s one item, no a person, this time.

The entire life the the kingdom was transformed due to the fact that of one tiny pea. Us don’t understand why the Prince was so bending on finding the perfect princess. Possibly his kingdom to be poor, probably his parents to be dying and also he needed someone by his side once he ascended the throne, maybe an additional kingdom was threatening his, and he necessary to get married a princess in stimulate to kind a strong alliance with another kingdom for protection. You know these types of stories. There’s constantly some reason why a prince has to marry a princess. Yet in this one, the Prince was having actually trouble recognize one.

Then below comes a test through a pea. A tiny, insignificant vegetables that would certainly hardly fill a bird’s belly. And also because of the pea, all the Prince’s difficulties were solved. The kingdom appeared to have gained its happily ever before after, and also all was well.

I love story that show small things can make a substantial difference. Every selection we make deserve to have a domino effect, good and bad. This tale is a shining instance of the (lack of logic aside…).

Don’t referee a publication By that Cover

When the Princess came down on the doorstep the the castle, i doubt she looked really princess-like at all. No entourage, sopping wet, begging because that a place to sleep. That no wonder the Queen doubted if she was a princess.

So often we judge a human by your appearance. Yet every single person on this planet has worth. Looks room deceiving, as they say. It’s the character of a human we should examine.

Which bring me appropriate to the next point…

Never settle With her Life Partner

This is one of the few fairy tales whereby the Prince doesn’t marry the very first Princess that passes the by. That went as far as to search the human being himself recognize “the one”.

I personally believe when the tale claims a “real princess” it method one v integrity, who will aid rule the kingdom well. The Prince didn’t desire just any random princess out there. He had goals in mind, i beg your pardon is good when searching for your husband/wife.

We must never, ever settle. I mean, this is the person you’ll invest all the remainder of your life with! Marrying the very first convenient human being who comes your means prooobably no a great plan. I really like how this fairy tale mirrors the royal family looking for simply the right girl for the Prince and the kingdom. It’s an important lesson that most fairy tales are, erm, lacking.

Be True To who You Are

This is more of a subtle moral in this tale, but I think it’s tho there.

The story opens up with the Prince recognize a bunch of “princesses” however none of castle felt right. That doesn’t fancy on what it meant by this (‘cause, ya know, fairy story seem averse to actual details), however I doubt these “princesses” to be girls pretending to be princesses to try to catch a prince. OR actual princesses, however ones placing on airs. And also no one likes a fake person.

But then right here comes the “real” Princess. Regardless of being soaking wet as soon as the King answers the door, she doesn’t shot to ~ do so to be anyone however who she is. She insurance claims straight away that she’s a princess and was even comfortable enough in her own skin to tell the whole royal family members she didn’t sleep well. (Not to say you need to always speak what you thinking, but you gotta provide the girl points for honesty.)

Because she to be true to who she was, she snagged a prince, whereby so numerous princesses before her failed.

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People have the right to usually see v the masks we placed up. Being fake never ever leads to happiness. Yet embracing who we are and also just being comfortable in our very own skins not only provides us freedom, yet makes the people approximately us feeling comfortable in gift themselves together well. Again, domino effects!

Yes, The Princess and the Pea is one of the sillier fairy tales. But even the strangest that tales deserve to have an excellent moral lessons.

What do you think? What themes have you discovered in this fairy tale? do you agree or disagree v my take? stop discuss!