As you play the previous stars, you absolutely noticed the snowman on a pedestal together you were descending the mountain. For this star, if girlfriend head there now, you will certainly only discover a head, together his human body melted and also he is in require of a brand-new one. You can remember a certain familiar pedestal close to the start of the stage, for this reason go and take a look at it once you have this star selected to view a snowball there. As you obtain close to it, some dialog will pop up, then it will start rolling under the mountain path.

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Try to conveniently get in prior of the huge snowball (left), stand behind the head to make certain the snowball will hit the (right)

Once the snowball starts rolling, time is that the essence, together this is pretty lot a race. Girlfriend will want to easily start sliding under the mountain path and get in front of the snowball. If you don’t, climate it’s very feasible that the snowball will not it is in on the correct path once you gain in the vicinity that the snowman’s head. Your best bet is to acquire in prior of the snowball, conveniently get to the area through the snowman’s head, then move behind the head. In ~ this spot, the snowball will certainly go directly to the head, forming the whole snowman. Approach it to acquire your star.

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