Eva Faircloth - July 30, 2021

Travelers, both domestic and also international, are beginning to uncover one of Alabama’s most beautiful treasures–the Gulf coastline beaches. With several airports within an hour’s journey of Gulf Shores, it’s less complicated than ever before to suffer Alabama’s white-sand beaches!

Airports close to Gulf Shores

There are great options for airports close to Gulf Shores, however depending on where you space coming from and what airline girlfriend choose, pricing have the right to be different. Listed below are a couple of choices for consideration.


The closestly airport to Gulf Shores is Jack Edwards nationwide Airport (JKA) just 2.5 miles from Gulf Shores. JKA is a little airport with less airline options, mostly private flights. However, plans space underway to construct a $10 million terminal come welcome advertising air organization by 2023. JKA supplies three auto rental companies consisting of Hertz and Enterprise, limo and taxi service, and also ride share service (Uber and also Lyft).

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Pensacola international Airport (PNS) is an hour far from Gulf Shores (37 miles) via FL-292 W and AL-182 W. Most major airlines fly to Pensacola (and Frontier offers non-stop flights to and also from Orlando 3 days a week), plus friend will find 10 rental automobile companies in ~ PNS including many popular ones choose Hertz, U-Save, National and also Budget. Also accessible is the Pensacola Airport shuttle to or native Gulf Shores for a level rate the $80.

Mobile local Airport (MOB) is an hour and 23 minute from Gulf Shores (70 miles) via I-10 W. American Airlines, Delta and United every fly into MOB, and there are four rental automobile companies accessible at this airport.

Another option is the luigi Armstrong brand-new Orleans worldwide Airport (MSY) located nearly 200 miles far (3 hours and 6 minutes) via I-10 W. Significant airlines fly right into MSY and ground transport is numerous with taxis, buses, shuttles and major rental vehicle companies (Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise and also Hertz to surname a few). Many travelers take benefit of sometimes lower rates to paris into new Orleans and also enjoy a small time there prior to making their method to Gulf Shores.


Before Flying into Gulf Shores

Take the hassle the end of her vacation by making use of the coast Moms concierge service easily accessible to Spectrum will guests. The coast Moms are popular in Gulf Shores for their fist to detail. Services they offer encompass grocery shopping and also putting away before arrival, and also restaurant and also excursion reservations. The coast Moms will act together your an individual concierge throughout your trip including making reservations for famous resort tasks like bookings at shore (onsite restaurant), beach chair rentals, Aqua fun Tails mermaid/pirate photoshoots and also spa reservations.

Getting around Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores provides big-city amenities as soon as it involves local transportation. There room ride shares choose Uber and Lyft, taxi solutions and, the most convenient, rental cars in ~ the airport as soon as you paris in.


Beach club Amenities

The Beach club Resort and also Spa in Gulf Shores (on the fort Morgan peninsula) supplies visitors access to a beautiful 86-acre town with upscale 1- come 5-bedroom beachfront condos and also lakeside cottages. Each includes completely appointed kitchens, spacious room designs, washer/dryer units, and also lots of on-property perks prefer restaurants (casual and also upscale), tennis courts, pools, warm tubs and a full-service spa. The beach itself is such a gem with 5 football areas of white-sand beaches juxtaposing amazing turquoise waters. You’ll never want come leave!

Book straight with Spectrum and eliminate the risk determinants with the just 100% Satisfaction guarantee in the area. Visitors have the right to enjoy a no-worry experience creating peace of psychic that’s simply irreplaceable.

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Search our easily accessible Gulf Shores rentals today and also see why The Beach society Resort and also Spa continues to it is in a favorite among travelers.