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The figurative language provided in this poem is mostly metaphorical. Shakespeare uses a number of metaphors to expound ~ above the idea of love as "an ever-fixed mark," something constant like a "star" by which ships might guide themselves since it is for this reason dependable and unchanging. Like this star "to every...

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The figurative language provided in this poem is greatly metaphorical. Shakespeare offers a number of metaphors come expound top top the idea of love together "an ever-fixed mark," something consistent like a "star" by which ships can guide themselves due to the fact that it is so dependable and also unchanging. Prefer this star "to every hike bark ," love can endure "tempests" and also yet never be "shaken" by them: true love have the right to bear the end disturbances, disruption, and unhappiness "even to the sheet of doom."

Love in this city is personified (and personification is a kind of metaphor in itself). This is clearest towards the end of the sonnet, as soon as the poet claims that love is "not Time"s fool." though the "rosy cheeks and also lips" that represent youth could "within his bending sickle"s compass come," love itself will endure. This section is an especially dense with figures of speech. The "compass" the Time"s sickle to represent the circle within which his scythe have the right to reach, prefer the circle that would be explained in the grass around a human being using a scythe to reduced a lawn. Time self is personified, and the summary of him v a sickle evokes the timeless image of father Time together an old guy with a scythe and black cloak. Meanwhile, Love itself will certainly not be reduced down by this sickle, also if the trappings the youth are killed by Time—love will survive. We might argue, too, that love is personified indigenous the start of the poem, gift granted human attributes and agency—love does not "alter once it modification finds," nor does that "bend through the remover to remove." rather than love gift something come which points are done by others, love is presented as something steadfast, v its very own agency, i m sorry leads right into the later metaphors.